Are you one of those people who dread the holidays? Last minute shopping, decorating disasters, difficult people to buy for, demanding kids-and most of all the run-ins with relatives!

If you’re anticipating a rerun of previous years where your relatives made you crazy and your holidays were filled with headaches, then you are sure to experience that again this year. Because the energy you put into dreading and anticipating will pave the way for more of the same. The energy-also known as the vibration-that you project in the world will manifest the reality you imagined.

src="monthly/images/jackie_lapin_december_2008.jpg"However, you can begin to change all that just with your thoughts. You can use personal frequency management and visualization to manifest a truly happy holiday and keep the joy in the holiday season. By Consciously Creating your day–juggling work, shopping, cooking, tree trimming, kids, the management of those pesky relatives etc–you can have the kind of holiday season you desire effortlessly and without hiccup.

Here are six tips for creating Relative Harmony for the Holidays:

1. Throw Out the Love Net

Well before they show up at your door, when you begin planning your holiday, send your love net-your high vibration loving energy–out to your relatives-and keep doing it throughout the holiday season. Feel love toward them even in the most trying times. Know that love is patience and understanding. Plenty of loving energy can head off, diffuse and transmute negative energy emanating from your relations. Ask for an unending supply of loving energy to pass into you from the Universe and through you to your family members.

2. Visualize

Take some quiet time each day and visualize just how wonderful your time with your relatives will be. In your mind, see them helping you instead of criticizing, offering support, staying out of the way, picking up after themselves, volunteering instead of demanding, loving the gifts you have picked for them, finding ways to make your time together joyful and loving. Relish the emotions of these wonderful reunions. Thank the Universe in advance for granting this incredible camaraderie, goodwill, grace and warmth. Then go ahead and visualize the rest of your day going smoothly, too!

3. Stay in Your High Frequency Range

Whatever happens, do not allow your relations to pull you into the low frequency range of anger, frustration, bitterness or regret. Stay in your high frequency states of love, contentment, joy, compassion and generosity -play music and tune out negativity, focus on those who appreciate what you are offering, do something creative that serves your soul. If you are being bombarded by negative energy-excuse yourself and go do something yummy just for you-take in a movie, go for a walk, play with your puppy, give yourself a bubble bath, shoot some hoops.

4. Redirect Them into Helping you in a Good Way

If you know that they are likely to be under foot, in your way or just over-helpful in the wrong ways, have a list in advance of things you would like them to do to help you in a good way. They’ll feel good about being able to help, and making you pleased, and you will manifest goodwill on all planes.

5. Monitor Your Own Verbal Expressions with Your Love Bubble

Before you say anything that you would regret or that will escalate into warfare, encase yourself in positive, loving energy. Allow your love bubble to be a place where you can breathe deeply and transform your negative energy to positive. See cool, calming blue light starting at the top and washing over you down to your toes at the bottom of the bubble. Now step out, and say what you need to say in a calm, loving, respectful, constructive, gracious, but firm way. Call upon the right words and tone of voice.

6. Give Santa Those Hot Buttons and Let Him Take Them Back to the North Pole

You can do all of the above five things, but if you allow your relatives to push those Hot Buttons, you’ll be back where you started. Make a conscious decision that you are giving those Hot Buttons to Santa-as your gift to yourself. Release those previous memories of pain and angst with your relations and start fresh. If they start down the old path, surprise them and don’t engage! Let go of the mind-chatter in your head that gets you crazy and allows them to get your goat. Just decide NOT to go there. Instead just keep telling yourself, you deserve joy, peace, goodwill and good, kindly relatives at the holidays! And they just might turn out to be what you imagined!

Now go and have a TRULY happy holiday!

About the Author:

Jackie Lapin tours the world teaching Conscious Creation and Personal Frequency Management. She is the author of The Art of Conscious Creation; How You Can Transform the World. Sign up to receive Jackie Lapin’s life-changing fr*ee ebook: Beyond The Law Of Attraction: How Conscious Creation Can Help You Create The Blueprint For Your Future by going to

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