1. Know what you want in your life

This is the first step and sometimes the one that takes some effort. It's worth
the effort.

Knowing what you want in life is usually more difficult to work out than knowing
what you don't want. We don't want to be unhappy or empty or depressed, we don't
want to feel as if we are not coping, we don't want to see life passing us by,
we don't want to hear that we are not good enough, we don't want to live a life
of lack.
Let me offer you some alternatives. This may help your process.

Do you:
intend to be happy?
visualize a life of well being, health and vitality?
desire loving, fulfilling relationships?
want to enjoy your daily work?
plan to have the benefit of financial abundance?
have an interest or passion you want to share with others? 
Do you ………………………………………………………?

Add the one that popped into your head whilst you were reading the list above.

2. Look at your beliefs

Now lets look at your beliefs. Do you believe that you are free to experience
any of the list above – including your addition? Are you experiencing life as
you want it? Is each day a wonder to behold, a time to be grateful for, an
occasion to celebrate being alive? If life is exactly as you want it, why are
you reading this article? If, on the other hand, you were drawn to the title you
may have some areas of your life that could be improved. Our beliefs are usually
the source of much "life pain". Looking at your beliefs and sending the useless
ones to the 'drivel and hogwash bin' where they deserve to be is the next step
to inner peace.

 3. Listen to what you tell yourself

Can you hear what your inner self is saying? Do you berate yourself daily for
the things that are not working or do you say thank you for the opportunity to
learn, again and again and again. What you tell yourself each day is part of
what you hear inside.
Do you also hear the inner voice of reason, enthusiasm and innovation? The voice
that only comes in the silence between the words. Initially it is a quiet,
tentative voice and as you learn to listen it becomes stronger and more
adventurous. One way to give it voice is to be quiet more often, relax,
meditate, go for tranquil walks, ask questions and listen for the answers in the

4. Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself sounds so easy, just three little words with such a huge
impact. Your inner resources come into play here. Believing means 'accepting as
true', not judging, not doubting, no hesitation or scepticism. Having a calm,
serene knowing that whatever is happening is absolutely right, that you are
exactly in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. It is part
of the pattern and there is no need to struggle. If your pattern happens to be
different from your neighbour, Henry Thoreau, the philosopher, wrote: If a man
does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps he hears a different drummer.
Believe in your drummer.

5. Allow life to unfold

 Being able to see the whole picture, being motivated, feeling the guidance,
harmony with your life pattern, these are the signs that your life is on track.
The right track for you. Allow your life to unfold, as it will, by first getting
to know yourself and finding out what you want, investigating your beliefs and
values, throwing out those that no longer support you and cultivating new
principles that champion the new you. Listening to the inner voice of reason and
believing in yourself will launch you on the road to inner peace.

Happiness, health, wisdom and wealth. 

Miluška Hamanova