Companies who engage with their customers and clients through branded merchandise are generally more successful in gaining recognition and increasing sales. Products such as pens, keyrings, umbrellas, toys etc are a great way to get your brand logo seen, heard and talked about. What better way to engage and interact with your target audience than with unique products that can be custom printed with your logo?

Here are 5 benefits of using branded merchandise:

• Maximizing exposure
The main aim is to expose your company name and/or logo to as many people possible in your target market. This is best done on products which customers will actually keep and use, for instance, mugs, umbrellas and USB flash drives. These are popular, practical and durable and can feature your brand logo with the potential of exposure to a wider audience e.g. during busy commutes or in the office. Dressing your employees in a corporate uniform is another way to expose your brand in front of people and raise awareness.

• Beating competition
If you want branded merchandise that is distinctive and memorable, then you need to think creatively to beat your competitors. Free promotional giveaways such as customised mints at exhibitions, can create a small but positive impact on potential clients because the offering may create conversation and interest. The more you offer something that your competitors cannot, the more your business can reap benefits. Most companies opt for the usual promotional pen or diary but the way to outshine others is to create a close link between your brand and your product, so that your company is the first choice when that particular service or product is required.

• Retaining customers
Another great benefit of branded merchandise is that your messages remain in front of your audience as a constant reminder of the products and services your business has to offer. Printed business gifts, as a good example, will help in retaining your customer base and it will increase the company’s goodwill. There are other advantages, including the development of public relations; to protect your company’s image in the media. For example, imagine your business promoting eco-friendly products and subsequently building a trusting relationship with the local community.

• Rewarding employees and loyal customers
Your employees are what make your company run successfully, therefore you should consider rewarding them with a personalised branded gift. Something simple, such as a desk ornament, will serve as a token of gratitude and is ideal for employee services recognition. Loyal customers are also important to your business, as they are the ones who keep coming back for more of your products or services. A popular example is to offer something exclusive, such as a free branded product or discount on a product if a customer or client returns to you.

• Boosting sales
When you invest in branded merchandise, it will work wonders for your overall sales and revenue. A misconception is that money is wasted on promotional products and that they are often expensive to produce. When planning for your promotional product campaign, you need a clear, concise concept to make it work. It has been shown on different occasions that a large percentage of the recipients of promotional products remember the company’s name and that new customers who receive promotional gifts generally return sooner, more frequently and therefore spend more money than those who are not persuaded in this way.

About The Author:

Neil Smith works in the marketing department of We Brand It Ltd, a leading supplier of promotional and branded merchandise. He is an expert on a wide range of products, their manufacture and their usage.

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