After a 31 year journey so far, the same conclusion once again has been reached……there are no shortcuts and “no” there is nothing “new” about achieving fat loss.

Human beings upon a certain point in our awareness begin to acquire the need to create efficiency in all areas of our lives which allows us to make certain repetitive tasks simple.

Then as tasks are made simple, some may choose to slip back into unconscious behaviors once these tasks are mastered.

Mindfulness when it relates to health and the goal of reducing your body fat is something that needs to be a conscious act. It should also remain a conscious process for the duration of your life. As we all go through the different season’s in our lives many elements will change to reflect our needs and wants during each of these time periods.

And during each of these periods of our lives we need to stay focused on the adjustments needed with our intake of the correct quantity and quality of the foods we choose to balance out our “G-Flux.” A term referring to the level of calories you input relative to the energy you output.

Things to consider when determining your calorie intake daily would be the type of body structure you have. Is your body a thin, medium or heavy bone structure determined by the circumference of wrist measurements against your total bodyweight and height?

Are you in a profession that requires the physical activity of a construction worker, fire fighter or mover? Or does your occupation require you to sit in meetings, drive long periods or at a computer desk all day?

Do your personal hobbies reflect physical activities like tennis, running, swimming or are they more mental skills pursuit’s like chess, writing poetry, research, etc.? Your body types, activity levels at work and play all help to determine “G-flux” requirements and are used to determine correct quantities of food that are eaten for your particular situation.

Next are the decisions to pick the best quality food you can afford when purchasing your foods. It currently, on many levels in our world today, is not the same world as yesterday. This in combination with several factors beyond this articles scope, regarding food quality in retail environments and the marketing of foods to the public…..are the very noticeable feelings of being lead off course regarding “healthy” food choices.

With large corporation’s involvement and profits on the increase, health is on the decline. Which intern helps to “pimp” of all kinds of pills, for all kinds of illnesses related to poor health that in most cases can be prevented and are caused by over eating poor quality foods.

4 steps you must take along with understanding your G-Flux are:

  1. The 3,000 years ago rule, if it wasn’t on the planet that long ago…..don’t eat it.

  2. I f it wasn’t brought to market in a bushel or basket by someone that didn’t pick it from a vine or from off a tree or out of the ground….don’t eat it.

  3. If it’s wrapped in plastic, full additives, coloring, flavoring and can sit on the shelf with out a spoil “eat by” date….don’t eat it.

  4. If the labels have multi syllable words from beginning to end in the ingredients portion of the label…..don’t eat it

Like a piece of art work your body and your mind can be the most beautiful creative tools you own. And when you care for your body and utilize it to your fullest expression, all of us can then benefit from the gifts you were given.

About the Author:

Emile Jarreau has been involved in Fitness and Bodybuilding for over 32 years. For more information regarding fat loss go to