Living a dream lifestyle gives richness to life; you live with excitement, passion, a sense of purpose and a feeling that life is a miraculous gift. You get a spring in your walk, a smile on your face and your energy levels are high. And there is that special something that people feel when they are around you. Welcome to the good life!

Living a dream lifestyle affects all areas of your life. Your health gets better by far. Automatically. Your relationships get far better, automatically (men, you know what I am talking about – women are more attracted to us when we feel good about ourselves, isn’t it?). Your finances improve, automatically. Even if you have problems, they don’t swallow you up, you live on, and rarely pay attention to the doom-side of things. You know what I mean? Not much ruins your day.

The opposite, not living your dream, not living your passions, makes life seem like a struggle, a daily grind, a curse, even. So how do you win the game of life and live your dream lifestyle?

You do so by setting certain specific things in order. And as with all things, you go first, always. You have to set three things about you in order first.

1. Get clear on what your dream lifestyle looks like by understanding what your top 5 passions are. A passion is not a goal, it is a way of life. Without clarity, you will get lost. You need something to aim for, and a vision of how it looks like when you get there. (Did you know that most people would struggle to tell you with certainty what their top 5 passions are?)

2. Figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Do not bother fix your weaknesses. Don?t. I will show you what to do with them. Focus only on your strengths.

That is where you freedom lies. (Did you know that most people would struggle to tell you with certainty what their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical strengths are?)

3. Understand your wealth profile, where you fit in the game of life, and what networks and support you need. There are only 9 possible roles that exist, and we all belong to one of the 9. For example, maybe you are a creator (a maker of content, e.g. a writer, painter or cake maker or chef), or a mechanist (a maker of systems, processes, tools, etc). And we all need each other. The trick is to know where you fall, so you know who else you need. And more. How to arrange them, attract them, and how to release the value found in your strengths and multiply it, leverage it. Next, you need to understand the fundamentals of life, how life works. If you don?t, you willend up wasting much energy, getting frustrated, using the wrong approaches, and generally get nowhere, which is what most people do on this planet. So here are the fundamentals, in a very small nutshell…

4. Plan the dive, then dive the plan. You need to make a plan, not just any plan, but a life plan. And there is a right way to do this. Yes, I know, life does not always work as planned. But you still need a plan.

5. Understand the Law of Attraction and how to apply it. Most people know it intuitively, some consciously even, but they do not know how to apply it correctly (and this also explains the prayers that never get answered). If they did know how to apply it correctly, worrying would automatically stop to exist in their system. Worrying is an indication that you do not know how to apply the law of attraction properly.

6. To gain certainty, understand the science behind creation. Faith is good. But certainty is better. Understand how our world comes into being, how quantum physics works, and you will suddenly move from hope and faith to certainty. And that, my friend, is like adding twinturbos to your manifestation vehicle.

7. Information is the key. Faith is running through the dark, sometimes in an unknown forest, head first. You will get to the other side, but you are likely to hit a few trees and bears along the way. Certainty is turning on the lights. Information = lights. Save time (and your ass). Get informed.

8. Apply the 80/20 rule to everything. It will prevent you from wasting most of your efforts.

9. Gain financial intelligence. Without it, your efforts will be scattered in the wind every week. With it, your efforts will go towards growing a garden that will forever feed you even when you stop working. You see, you have to know how to arrange your affairs so that, over time, you progressively move from having to work for money, and onto having money work for you. Most people never take this step! And they are doomed to forever have to exchange their time for currency. Imagine having currency come to you with you having to exchange your time for it. And now, you are a whole lot closer to beginning to live the dream…

10. Understand very well how to use these tools and you will never get stuck: projects, tasks and strategic next actions. This is a science and art-form that is known by very few, yet it is so easy to learn. Paralysis will forever never, ever bother you again.

11. Connect your strengths to your wealth profile to create abundance in all areas of your life.

12. Get help! Learn how to outsource, delegate and cooperate. This way, you will be free to do only what you love and are strong at, you will have other people do what you are weak at, and you will actually move forward much, much faster and far, far more rewardingly, financially and otherwise.

That is it in a very, very tiny nutshell.

About the Author:

Article by David Cameron Gikandi, entrepreneur, author of A Happy Pocket Full of Money and creative consultant on The Secret. See for full details and videos on how to design your dream lifestyle and win in the game of life.