Nutrition is the process of nourishing your body. The organisms in your system obtain energy in the form of food
for growth, maintenance and recuperation. Nutrition of children has always been a premier topic of discussion for
any parent. Children nowadays are shifting towards junk foods. If a child is offered to have a pizza or a burger,
he/she will grab it, but if he/she is asked to have a glass of milk, they would reluctantly have the same of it. A litany
of incredulous excuses will come forth. Malnutrition can be a serious problem for a child if this trend continues. The
resistance level of the child drops when the child does not eat proper food and is thus subsequently prone to many

The overall growth and development of the child mainly depends on the type of food he/she eats. The inputs the
child gets in form of food should be very nutritious and surely tasty too! Proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins,
minerals, amino acids and enzymes are the basic elements our bodies use to create and maintain life. A specific balance
of these elements is required to maintain optimal health.

A variety of foods are included in a balanced diet. Your child’s meal should comprise of fruits and vegetables,
grains, cereals, dairy products, nuts, seeds and breads. Always remember to feed your child in an appropriate manner
and please do not exceed the food inputs of your child.

Listed below are 10 simple ways to improve your child’s nutrition:

1 – A fiber rich content in the food is very nutritive and

useful for the child’s growth.

2 – An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. So do many other

fruits. Feed your child with different variety of fruits, as

most of the fruits contain calcium and required vitamins

helpful in the growth of the child. But do remember, limit

the amount of fruits your child takes.

3 – A glass of fresh fruit juice is very essential everyday.

Do limit the amount of juices your child takes, as it could

lead to cavities in the teeth, diarrhea and gastrointestinal


4 – Feed your child with low fat foods.

5 – If you are a non-vegetarian, then opt to be a vegetarian

or at least a flexitarian. A flexitarian is one who reduces

his meat consumption.

6 – Do not allow your child to skip breakfast, as this is

the most important meal of the day. Provide him or her with

the best breakfast inclusive of a glass of milk, fruits,

bread, sprouts and a few other important foods like dry

fruits, eggs, cereals etc. Do see to it that dinner is the

smallest meal you are giving him/her.

7 – Teach your child to drink ample of water everyday. At

least 8 to 10 glasses. Water is one of the main sources of

nutrition, as water is one fluid which keeps our bodies

lubricated, improves digestion and blood circulation among

other things.

8 – Do not allow your child to diet to loose weight, because

unlike adults, children are still developing and growing.

Instead, teach your children a few exercises to keep

themselves fit all day through.

9 – Ensure that you include green vegetables in the form of

salads, curries, juices or soups in at least one meal of the


10 – Above all, teach your child, healthy eating habits, for

a healthy life. Teach him hygienic ways of living and most

importantly proper breathing methods.


Tas Delmento is the owner and operator of, RF Nutrition, which
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