We are constantly being bombarded by marketing that promises rapid weight loss with little or no effort. Whether it’s a magic powder you sprinkle onto a chili dog, miracle fat loss pills, or gadgets you wear around your belly, clever marketing gurus
(more like hucksters actually) are making promises they just can’t keep. Even worse, they are able to find doctors to endorse these products! Talk about scary!

Here’s the truth: If you truly want to become more fit and healthy on the inside and out, it is going to take time, effort, consistency, and patience. If you were entertaining guests would you pull a roast out of the fridge, pop it into the
microwave, set it on ‘High’ and let it cook? Of course not! If you want the roast to turn out well you need to do certain things. You want to season it, add some veggies, and cook it nice and slow so it does not end up like a ball of rubber.

Yes, you can cook a roast in the microwave, but I doubt your friends will be back over anytime soon for dinner. The same holds true for getting fit and losing fat. It takes time to do it right. It takes learning how to properly nourish your body with quality foods. It means incorporating effective exercise and increasing movement. It is about getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep per night. It includes finding ways to relax and unwind. Ultimately it becomes a lifestyle change based on positive new behaviors. There
is no pill, potion or device that can give you the quality of life that you are looking for. Even if they do work, the results
do not last. There is no short term fix for long term results. If you want real health, real fitness, real peace of mind and a better life, you have to earn it. I can tell you from my own experience, the results are well worth the effort!

If you would like some great ideas on how to eat healthier and find great ways to exercise, please download my free nutrition and fitness guides at sgtstevecoaching.com.

SGT Steve’s philosophy is simple:  Real transformation is about changing  lives, not just dress sizes. He is a  Transformation Coach who serves as  a guide and ally for those who want  to create fit, healthy and more fulfilling  lives. He is also the author of the  powerful book ‘Operation Motivation  – The ultimate guide to crush your  fitness excuses!’ He will be launching  an Adventure Boot Camp for Women in Prescott, AZ in the summer of 2013.

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