Did you know that when you clothes shop online, certain days are better than others? It all depends on what you are looking for, but prices vary depending on the day of the week. Here is a look at what to buy when

• Mondays – Dress up; look for men’s and woman’s dress pants and suits

• Tuesdays – Look for men’s clothing

• Wednesdays – Great day to visit online shoe stores

• Thursdays – Accessorize with handbags, purses and wallets

• Friday s – Accessorize with everything else; jewelry belts, scarves, hats

• Saturday – Traditionally just a great day to find sales and deals

• Sunday – A great all purpose day to shop around and compare prices

Seasonal Clothing

Even though you are clothes shopping online, it does not mean that you have to forgo season ending or out of season deals. Traditionally, the best time to find a great value on clothes is when it is out of season or at the end of the season. So look for that bathing suit towards the latter half of summer. Buy shorts and t-shirts in the fall. Stock up on a dresser drawer full of knit socks and sweaters as fall approaches.

Versatile Clothing

Every thrifty person will tell you that versatility is the key to being economical. Keep this in mind when you clothes shop online. Buy tops and shirts that can be worn in different ways, like opened, buttoned up, or with a belt. Purchase shoes that can be worn on more than one occasion and with more than one pair of pants or dress. Shop for dresses, sports coats, and even suits that can be both casual and formal.

Quality Clothing

Buying quality is a great way to save money. Sure, it may sound counter intuitive, but buying a more expensive pair of pants or shirt is actually cost effective. The reason being: this clothing will last. When you clothes shop online from stores that are known for selling traditionally cheap clothing, you get what you pay for. The clothes will wear or fade.

Still, buying quality clothing does not mean that you have to pay top dollar. When you clothes shop online, you are able to shop around and find the best deals. This means that you can still find name brands, but at a fraction of department store pricing.

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