Trying to get pregnant? Here are some simple tips to help you win a child.

You can exercise to keep fit but never too much. Have you seen the bodies of some female athletes?! Well, except for some hot girl named Anna Kournikova but really, excluding those highly publicized female athletes out there, most have flat boobies, very large deltoids, and man-like trunks. Wanna know why? Because with exercise, you increase your testosterone making you more man-like in appearance and also decreasing chances of pregnancy because you’ll most likely get irregular menses and even amenorrhea.

Have sex but not everyday. Always see to it that when you have sex, it should be fun. Try doing it not just in bed. Have sex in the kitchen counter, sofa, terrace, your backyard, in a parking lot, while camping, in some rocky shore, at the top of an abandoned hill, inside a cave, any good and fun spot you can think of. Never make sex a chore if you’re trying to get pregnant.

Know when you’re ovulating. Get an ovulation kit or monitor your BBT if it shoots up. Know the signs when you’re about to get to your peak of ovulation. Get your partner to participate. Let him check if your cervix has risen up in your vagina, if it has softened like your lips and opened slightly. And if he says yes, you can just go at it since his fingers are already inside you. If you’re trying to get pregnant, don’t wait for the temperature to shoot up. If you’ve been monitoring your BBT for a while and it has taken a predictable pattern, then have sex just before it changes.

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