Carol Look’s specialty is inspiring people to attract abundance in their lives by using EFT and the Law of Attraction to clear illumining beliefs and build prosperity consciousness.

A pioneer and leading voice in the EFT community, she’s a highly sought after trainer, international speaker and workshop leader and is the author of the very popular book, Attracting Abundance with EFT.

While her signature work in the field has been combining energy methods such as EFT with the Law of Attraction, she also produces quality training products on additional topics such as weight loss, clearing clutter and pain relief.

Her weekly radio show can be found on the World Puja Network and she is a frequent guest speaker on worldwide tele-summits teaching people how to heal their bodies and minds with energy techniques.

In addition, she’s featured as a primary EFT practitioner and energy therapy expert in the DVD documentaries, The Tapping Solution and Operation Emotional Freedom.

Ric Thompson: Well, I am just all excited here. I’m all a quiver if you will. You like to talk about abundance which is one of my favorite topics and one of my favorite states of being. So let’s kick off with how do you define abundance, Carol?

Carol Look: It’s such an important place to start and as you said it’s a state of being. And when I figured out that abundance was a vibration, that’s how I really define it. Abundance is a vibration not a dollar amount in your bank account. Well, once you figure out it’s a vibration then you can tune into it, then you can do something about it. It’s not about working harder, working more hours; you know it’s not about pounding the pavement. It’s really about accessing a vibration. And some people say, Well what’s a vibration? It’s really a mood, a feeling, a state of being as you said earlier so once you can tune into that abundance as a vibration then you start attracting abundance into your life in some very different equation than let’s get a second job, let’s work harder, let’s try to raise prices. That doesn’t do it for us, for financial abundance. It does not work that way. So we’ve got to find a way to tune into this vibration or frequency of abundance.

Ric Thompson: Beautiful, beautiful. So let’s dig a little deeper into this. Why is this so important?

Carol Look: Well, you know for me what happened is I would study different techniques and study the Law of Attraction and try to do really well at work and it wasn’t working. It was not bringing me what I wanted in my life and what’s important and what shifted everything for me is getting off the treadmill of sort of the lesser brain equations. If you do this, then you’ll get that. If you do this, if you work two more hours, you’ll get this much more money and tuning into it as an energy state. Because as an energy state that means you could tune into and all of our listeners could tune into abundance right now. At this minute you could tune into abundance and what would happen is people would come to my abundance workshops and they would say, I’ve tried Law of Attraction. I saw the movie, The Secret, four times and it’s not working.

Well, it wasn’t working because they were just trying to muscle it. You know, they were trying to push and trying to be happy and trying to have happy thoughts and that’s not a vibration, that’s working too hard at something else and that doesn’t have a realness to it. And I believe it’s not The Secret’s fault, it was their people’s misinterpretation of what The Secret said was, you know, what we needed to do. So what’s so important about this for everybody and what changed and clicked everything for me was when you really understand it’s about your vibration, you can literally turn it around. You can turn around your situation. You can turn around your health. We’re talking about financial abundance as well as health, as well as relationships. You can turn them around so quickly, it’ll make your head spin and that’s what happened to me after years of basically barking up the wrong tree. I grew up in a family with a lot of stress around money. Oh, so much tension around money! And I think I was kind of determined not to have to go through that. I really wanted to have enough financial wealth so that I could be comfortable and just make choices I wanted to make and not struggle but I went at it the wrong way again.

You know I didn’t go at it from this vibrational point of view and once I started to, it was a little scary because things happened so quickly and so much changed for the positive as far as abundance in my life. Then I had to work on, whoa this is working too fast, I mean is this really what I want. I had some other blocks. I had some other issues to deal, which is fine, everybody does but the importance of this I cannot overstate the importance of understanding abundance as a frequency of vibration, a way of being, a way of being in appreciation, a way of noticing what’s beautiful and what’s working and what’s going well in your life.

That’s what starts to trigger the universe from looking at you and saying, oh boy he’s pretty shiny. Wow, he’s pretty clear about what he wants. You know you talk all in your website and your magazines a lot about clarity, you know a lot about how do people remove the blocks and get clear. And one of the main ways to do it is to understand abundance isn’t money. Abundance is a vibration and once you get that, once I got that after years of studying the wrong things. Once I got that, the movement was so fast. As I said it was a little – I had to work on some new issues about how much I could handle and how much I could stand out. Did I really want that much success? So that’s a nice problem to have but it was scary nonetheless. So it’s just critical for people to understand they have so much more power than they think they do.

Ric Thompson: Beautiful. And you know a lot of people could relate to the situation that you described there of, you know, a lot of stress and maybe it’s in their financial area and maybe it’s in their relationships. Maybe it’s in their health, maybe it’s in all that about above, right? So as you mentioned they’re all kind of stuck muscling through this right and you’re talking about a vibration and kind of tuning into that. So I’m excited to get into some of the details here. What gets in the way of a person who’s in that stressful situation? You know, what’s blocking them from being tuned into that vibration of abundance?

Carol Look: What blocks everybody on different levels is some kind of limiting belief or limiting emotion. I call it often vibrational clutter. Right? So we want to be abundant, we want to attract more in our lives, a better relationship or a better job or finances or really solid vibrant health, that’s what we want. And then what happen is we’ve got the little monkey mind going and the monkey mind could be worry about the future. It could be upset about the past. It could be insecurity about what’s going on now but its all clutter. It’s all noise and static, which means you’re not very clear. And the truth is a lot of people have trouble, believe it or not, they don’t want to be clear because it feels somehow threatening or they’re afraid of success.

So if you are doing the right things in trying to attract more abundance into your life but you’re afraid of success your fear of success will be bigger, will be stronger as a vibration and you’ll sabotage yourself.

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