In my life I’ve been fortunate to witness many healings and miracles. From this direct experience I’ve noticed seven essentials ingredients to allowing magic in one’s life:

1. Realize that there are no real “secrets” to magic

The keys to successful manifestation are apparent and obvious if you know where to look for them. These clues are not actually secret or hidden. It’s simply that in our Western culture we’re not taught where and how to look for manifestations of magic.

To discover more magic in your life, you can ask yourself, “If I knew where to look for magic in my daily life, where would I look?” Then, let go and allow whatever unfolds to unfold.

Pay attention to whatever occurs that’s fresh and different in your everyday life. By paying attention to what’s new, you’ll find magical happenings. The miracles will occur outside your old frame of reference and expectation.

2. Learn to “see beyond”

If you look at the surface appearance of the world, you will only perceive what you “think” is there. For instance, if after first glance, you’ve decided your car keys are not on the hall table, then you won’t be able to observe them lying there. But if you decide instead to focus your perception on what “might possibly” be on the hall table, you’ll greatly increase the probability that you’ll be able to see the keys lying there.

If you only look at the superficial appearance of your world, you’ll only perceive what you’ve been told (or told yourself) to notice. You won’t (can’t) perceive anything else because you’ve been told (programmed) to believe it’s not there. But if you direct your perception toward what is there that “you’ve not been told about,” you’ll greatly increase the range of possibility of what you can see. In my experience with friends, only the people who genuinely allow for the possibility of levitation are able to see a person levitate when it actually happens in their presence.

Also, if you focus your perception on what you can “see” (feel) behind the surface appearance of things, you’ll perceive a whole magical world of pure energy. When you play with the creating energy patterns behind the surface “object” reality, the apparent world becomes infinitely malleable. It’s much easier to heal a bone that you perceive as made of densely packed energy than it is to heal a bone you hold in mind as solid, hard, rigid physical matter.

3. Look past the obvious and normal

If you direct your attention to what is “obscured by the obvious and normal,” you’ll be able to perceive a world of fresh and different possibility. You can consciously decide to “override” your conditioned perceptional filters by deliberately deciding to only look for what is new and different. Then you’ll see options that were always there, but you didn’t see before because you weren’t looking for them!

For example, if you’re brought up in a culture (ancient and native societies) in which it’s “normal” to perceive the spirits of deceased loved ones, then it’ll be easy for you to see them. In these cultures it’s not only socially acceptable to see dead relatives, it’s socially expected! Even as late as the Middle Ages it was common and perfectly acceptable for people in Europe to see angels and ghosts.

If you’re raised in a culture (the modern West) in which people are labeled “crazy” if they see angels or “spooks,” then you either are not be able to perceive other dimensional beings (out of self preservation). Or you’ll actually see them but keep your mouth shut!

4. Stalk the unusual

If you look for what is “out-of-the-ordinary,” you’ll perceive a whole different world of opportunities. Look for what is “out-of-sequence,” what is “out of context” and “out of character.”

Decide to notice what is “outside-the-box”-that is, outside your regular realm of experience. If you look into that “empty” space with openness, innocence of expectation and welcoming surprise, you’ll be rewarded with unexpected (magical) occurrences!

5. Look in the “gaps”

As you conceive, so you shall perceive. If you conceive of the world as individual, separate objects-as we are conditioned to in Western culture-you’ll only perceive individual, separate objects. But, if, instead, you look at the “gap” or space between these objects, you’ll “see” into the energy field that connects all “separate” objects. You’ll see into what I call the “creative void” or “creative vacuum.” This magical space is void of human thought form-that is, free of conditioned perceptional filters.

Seeing into the energy field of the Gap, you have entry into the world of free-flowing, flexible, fluid energy reality. It’s much easier to make radical changes in this fluid reality that you know is connected to you energetically-than it is to alter a rigid “objective” reality that you feel is separate from you.

6. Feel into the void

If you feel into the “creative void,” you discover a dynamic powerhouse of creative energy that we are all actually already using unconsciously to manifest our dreams. However, a wizard uses this creative energy consciously, deliberately, to attract what the wizard desires in life. The ordinary programmed (asleep) person doesn’t know how to tap into this “hidden” creative energy.

7. Feel from your heart space

If you feel into the creative void with your heart, you’ll have the power to invest your dreams with enough creative energy to actually manifest your dreams in the real, physical world (money, career, body, relations). If you use only the meager power of your mind, you won’t generally have sufficient creative energy to physicalize, materialize, your goals.

Mental thoughts, affirmation and positive thinking are helpful, but very limited in the amount of creative power they can provide to materialize your dreams. The heart space, however, is the center of our very being. It has all the creative power necessary to manifest all the aspiration of your soul.

A Few Helpful Hints

You might say, “This all sounds attractive-but very challenging (hard)!” You might feel that these seven secrets to magic sound exciting, but tricky to put into successful practice.

Here are three approaches to allow yourself to attract more magic in your life:

A) Consciously decide to “temporarily suspend your normal conditioned state of disbelief.” In the West, “temporary insanity’ is an acceptable legal defense that will keep you from being locked away!

B) Be willing to be open to the possibility that something could occur outside your “normal” realm of expectation or experience.

C) Have fun! Play with the universe and the universe will play back!

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