Has anyone else besides me found that building a team is a lot harder than it looks?

Awhile back I decided I was done being a “1-man band with a few customer service people.” Up to a point it was a great business – but when I was gone everything stopped. That needed to change.

I hired guys who had serious marketing chops. “OK dudes, let’s make this race car scream!”

I discovered that four bass players does not a band make. In all seriousness, I found myself in an entirely new game that I was ill-equipped to play.

I’m a lot better now, but in the process I realized, nobody had a good way of finding out which people were the sales and marketing equivalents of drummers, bass players and lead guitarists.

There are so many different styles and modes that different people use to sell. For example:

• Organizing and analyzing data in AdWords or Google Analytics

• Writing copy, sending letters and emails

• Connecting emotionally with followers in Social Media

• Creating attention-grabbing graphics, videos and designs

• Selling from the stage and provoking people to run to the product table and buy

• Consultatively leading a customer through a complex decision process

Nobody had a tool that *told you* which kind of person somebody is. So I invented one. It’s called the Marketing DNA Test.
Direct marketing hall-of-famer Brad Richdale called it “scary accurate.” In 10-15 minutes it profiles your exact selling
personality and shows you how to stop doing things you hate, and start doing things you love:


Adam Kreitman interviewed me for CrazyEgg – “Perry Marshall Reveals the Secret to Building the Perfect Sales and Marketing Team”

If it takes you six months to figure out you’ve got the wrong person in the wrong spot, that’s a $30,000 to $100,000 mistake – especially in opportunity cost.

Don’t hire anybody to do AdWords, copywriting, video, graphics or phone sales until you’ve had them take the DNA test.

The test is free.


Perry Marshall

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