Kristen Howe is a professional life coach who has helped many people around the world succeed in various industries. Each of her clients enjoys a tailor-fit program that allows them to live the life they have always wanted.

Kristen has dealt with so many fascinating individuals from all walks of life. She also possesses a wealth of experience in the performing arts, from Broadway to the big screen to TV. Her indefatigable spirit knows no bounds in her travels and coaching programs. Her mission is to help you get clear, honest and moving one step at a time towards your ideal life.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Kristen, tell us a little about your background and how you got into coaching.

KRISTEN HOWE: That’s an interesting story. As you mentioned, I’m a performer. I did Broadway stuff. I still actually act. I’m out on the West Coast doing film and TV. Throughout all of that, part of what I love about performing is that you’re telling a story that allows people to really go into a potential, possible reality. That’s what’s exciting to me about entertaining.

People say, Oh, that’s possible. When I was backstage at shows I found that people would come and talk to me about what they thought was possible for them and what they could do, whether it was performing or not. I realized I had a real passion and talent for seeing things in other people that perhaps they couldn’t see themselves but they had an instinct that was there.

I could help them flush it out and get clear on it so they could do something with it and actually take action on it to see results. That turned into coaching people. I also went through a period of time when I walked away from the business for awhile. I needed a break. That’s when I was dog-walking. I have two passions. They’re very similar. One is entertaining, and one is helping people see what they are capable of and how magnificent their lives can be, not just in theory, but actually doing something with it.
It’s doing it in a way that’s exciting to them and stays exciting to them, as opposed to turning into a burden. I have ridden a rollercoaster. I’ve certainly and had my ups and downs in the past. There were people who were instrumental in my life and helped me see what I could do and figure out how to do it. I realized that I wanted to be able to do that for other people. That’s why I am doing this now.

TAMMY LAWMAN: We’re here today to talk about success. Success can mean different things to different people. It can apply to someone’s personal life and someone’s business life. How do you define success?

KRISTEN HOWE: Truly, I can define success for me as one word, which is freedom. I think that’s a really good point that you make. Success is different for everyone. It could mean success in one area. I think that we all strive for success in the different areas of our lives to make up a huge, ultimate, success picture so that we have what success is to us physically, emotionally in our relationships, financially, creatively, spiritually, and all of that.

I think a huge element is to realize, I have a different idea about success in these different areas of my life, and to make sure they all work together. I think we all have a motivator. If you break it down, we could all come up with one word. Like I said, for me it’s freedom. With everything I do, I am constantly trying to accomplish that. I believe you already have all of things you’re looking for.

What I want to constantly remind myself of, with the results I’m getting in my life, is my freedom and the fact that I am ultimately someone who is free. What is cool about that is that it allows me to determine if a path is a path I want to go down. For instance, in business, I know I need to do work, but I want freedom. That means I don’t want to create a situation where I have to be in an office doing specific things at certain hours of the day. That’s just not exciting to me.

Physically, with the things that I do in my workout routines, I make sure that I do everything I can to keep my body in a certain level of shape so that I am physically free. With my relationships, having free and open communication indicates freedom to me in relationships. I think we’re all questing for it. It could be different things. Someone might be questing for peace in every area of their life. For me, it’s freedom. That’s the long-winded answer.

TAMMY LAWMAN: That’s a fabulous answer. That’s the point I want to drive across to people. It’s not all about saying, I have this tangible goal set for myself, so I have to have my first child at age 30 and I’m making this much money at age 35 and if I don’t reach these goals then I’m not successful. A lot of it is about the feeling that you gain from how you’re able to live your life.
KRISTEN HOWE: Absolutely. That’s a great point. Here’s the thing that I say about that all the time. We’re here in these physical bodies, and we’re living in a physical world, so we have assigned certain desires that we have and certain things that we want, like money, places we want to live, and cars. That’s cool. That’s great, but the reason any of us want any of those things is because of how we have decided they will make us feel.

Whatever feeling we have assigned to that are truly what we’re questing after. I love money. I love awesome things. I love adventure and to be able to do all of that. The cool thing about it is when you can step back a second and say, Hold on. Do I really want a million-dollar business, or do I want the feeling of financial freedom? If you realize, I want the feeling of financial freedom, that opens up a bunch of different avenues to get there.

That’s opposed to sometimes assigning one possible way to get there. Does that make sense? It’s like saying, When I’m driving that car, I will be a success. There’s nothing wrong with having a million-dollar business, but I would encourage everybody to know why you desire these things. There’s nothing wrong with having those things, but why do you desire them?

When you’re connected to why you want something then other opportunities to answer that why might come up sooner. If you’re so keyed into this one thing, you might not see them.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Kristen, you may have touched on the answer to this question a little already, but it sounds like clarity is very important. Can you expand a little on why it’s important to get clarity on what drives you or what you want?

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