In this article, designed to help you walk toward your destiny in the circle of health; let’s look at three things. First, deciding what it is in life that you really want; second, taking off the limitations and pretending anything is possible; and third, viewing an analogy to help get the Big Picture into a possibility for your life.

In order for you and I to go forward, toward the unique destiny God has for us, you and I need to first discover what direction “forward” is. It is probably not as hard as you might think. Ask yourself, “What do I really want?” In a book called the Bible, which I believe is a wonderful instruction book and a book filled with promises for those who believe; there is a hope-filled promise. This promise says that God gives us the desires of our heart. Ps 34 Of course, there are some parameters that go along with this promise, but for right now, look at it from this perspective: Whatever is in your heart right now as a desire of your heart is a desire that God has placed there. He says in another verse: “Beloved, I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.” This covers finances and health, as well as mental and spiritual well being.

Now, let’s begin to imagine.

What if your dreams really could become reality? What if anything was possible? How big would you really dream? How great might you really look? How good could you really feel? Just for this moment in time, let’s pretend. You are there. What does it look like? How do you feel? Even though you are at the beginning, will you try to see the end result? This is how dreams are actualized, by seeing the end in the beginning.

Now for the analogy, which could be a powerful strategy to think on. Think of a beautiful picture puzzle painting the picture of your unique desire of your heart. This picture puzzle has many pieces depending on the size of the puzzle and the details of the picture. It may look impossible to get there, but you have a blueprint. When you look at a picture puzzle from the store, you can see the big picture on the front of the box. Your imagination will allow you to do the same thing with your own picture puzzle. You can see the end in the beginning.

Now, let’s strengthen the design of your beautiful picture puzzle. What does it look like? Can you visualize it with all the colors, depth, and details. What do you see in the background? Does it call to you to come on and be there? The clearer you can see the big picture, the more it will magnetically call to you. The stronger your ability to see the end in the beginning, the easier it will be to walk through the middle.

Do you want to go there, be there? If you do, begin to realize that you are taking one baby step at a time by developing one good habit at a time that adds another piece to this beautiful picture puzzle. Most of the time the easiest way to tackle a big picture puzzle is to place the border of the puzzle pieces together first. Members of the Fabulously Fit Twelve Week Challenge have learned to begin their big picture puzzle completion by establishing their daily framework first. A daily framework is simply those essential habits done first thing each day to make the rest of the day fall into place.

You’ve strengthened your vision of what you really want, you’ve taken off some limitations, and you’ve begun to realize the similarity of completing a store-bought picture puzzle with the actualization of your own unique big picture.

I DARE YOU: Never let another day go by without adding pieces toward the completion of your picture puzzle. A piece here and a piece there, and before you know it, you are there. Keep pressing, keep believing. Anything is possible.


Dani Rotramel, The Pathway Coach in the Circle of Health:
Spirit, soul, body and finances. III John 1:2
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