In this day and age of high technology we are swept away by the wave of new gadgets and multi-media, ushering in an unfathomable amount of choices. Didn’t we have enough choices before? Now surely we have enough to fill our hearts, our minds, and our bodies. If it were possible to fulfill oneself in the material world we most certainly have the technology to have done this by now.

We are inundated daily with reports of dwindling resources, dire pollution, and new epidemics of disease, hunger, crime, and terrorism. There seems to be no end to the suffering. And with all the technology why haven’t life’s most pressing matters been resolved? It is obvious that we do have the technology and resources to provide every being on earth with health care, a safe, comfortable clean home, and food to eat. Then why, at the very least, is this not accomplished already? Perhaps the answer to that question lies within each of us.

If we want to help the world, we must first help ourselves. When we recognize our own unlimited inner peace and abundance we can then go out into the world and speak and act with authority to that end. Each and every person on earth has access to a “high-tech” spirituality, which is the unified mind or true awareness. We have what appears to be the divided mind, which believes it is separate and a body of endless need. We are not actually separate, but we can imagine we are separate. In truth there is no separation, no need, and no problems. So you could say that our only problem is that we believe we are separate. Since there is only one problem, appearing as many, then there is one solution for all problems and it is not to be found in the material, physical world. The solution is here all the time and there has never been, nor will the ever be a time when it is not. It is on the unseen or spiritual level of life. It is perfect, unity, love, compassion, peace, and wisdom. It is the knowing within each of us that directs and guides us to act out of wisdom or not at all. When we take the emphasis off of the physical world and place it on the unity within, we will begin to have a different experience. We will be guided to use our technology for the benefit of all because all action from the place of unity is always wholly beneficial. Unless and until we act out of wisdom in place of acting out of the place of separate needs we will continue to act in ways that aren’t wholly beneficial.

When we each have had enough of the suffering of our unfulfilled needs we will find another way. The way is within and is accessible to all, everywhere, equally and without end. It is the place where you know all the answers and where peace is all pervasive. The truth is that the only thing that will ever satisfy us is the experience of the magnificence of unity. Until we find our unity within we cannot offer it to others. It is our own lack of compassion for ourselves that keeps us from showing compassion to others. When we come from our inner unity we will live more naturally, easily, and happily.

We can build our lives upon the shaky ground of the fleeting temporary physical world or upon the solid rock of unity. We are not asking you to give up anything in the world, just your attachment and allegiance to it. In fact with unity you’ll enjoy the physical world more than ever before and you’ll be acting in wholly beneficial ways. The way to do this is a moment at a time each day, every day, until it becomes automatic. At first it will seem like a chore, but it will become easier and eventually it will happen effortlessly. Unity/awareness is not a thing or a place you need to get to. There is no learning or anything you need do to earn your way there. It is here now where you are. It never leaves you. By training yourself to place your attention and rely upon unity/awareness, you will catch yourself finding brilliant creative answers to your greatest life problems and dilemmas and that will expand to doing this out in the world for others. The more you focus on unity/awareness you will see that you are truly that which needs nothing and has no problems. From that place you can truly be of help to yourself and others. From that place you can truly live a new life.

Thomas Edison who had more inventions than anyone, pretty much, had his own way of focusing on unity/awareness. He would sit in a chair holding a steel ball in his fingers and relax. When he began to fall asleep the ball would drop and awaken him. In the place of total relaxation he found his inventions. He claims this was how all his inventions were born.

Unity/awareness is not something to be found; it has always been there just like Edison’s inventions. We can do it at all times throughout the day and repeating as often as we can remember, until it becomes automatic. That is all there is to it. Try it and see for yourself.

Here is another story that illustrates how this works. I’ve always wished I could sing but have no confidence that I can sing, except in the shower or the car. A musician friend of mine whom I’d confided this to took me to his piano and told me to hum to the note he was striking on the piano. I did this unsuccessfully and then stopped trying and was just humming along. Then he said, “there, there it is, you hit it!” I said, I wasn’t even trying and I just let it happen. That is how unity/awareness is. You just let it be and be in that place as often as possible until it is natural and you don’t have to think about it. You simply relax your mind and body, open your mind and be willing to rest in awareness. It is not contrived or forced. You will see that there is nothing that needs fixed or changed. Through its wisdom you will know how to take care of your body in all situations. In awareness you will realize strengths, talents, and abilities you didn’t know you had. Not only will you end all your sufferings through this practice, you will begin living a life of effortless ease beyond your wildest dreams! One that is wholly beneficial and one that you will love!

About the Author:

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