Dr. Bradley Nelson is a holistic chiropractor who discovered at a very early age the role energy plays in our physical and emotional health. He developed and tested his now well-known Emotion Code work, which addresses major chiropractic issues.

He has been teaching seminars on balancing the body and the emotions for over a dozen years, and is author of the very popular book The Emotion Code.

Ric Thompson: I’m looking forward to this. You’ve been working on this for over a dozen years. We mentioned your great book, The Emotion Code. I think that took you three years to put out. You’ve put your heart and soul into what we’ll be talking about here today.

Bradley Nelson: Yes, that’s true. I’ve dedicated my life to getting the word out about our emotional baggage and what it does to us. It’s an astonishing thing.

Ric Thompson: Let’s jump right in and talk about that. Explain the concept of emotional baggage and how you stumbled onto it. Where have you taken that concept to help people out with it?

Bradley Nelson: In order to understand what our emotions are and what they do to us, it’s important to understand the physical body that we’re so used to and seem to think is so solid. You can slap your hand down on a desk and it makes a nice, solid thump sound. The reality is that hand and your body are made of almost entirely empty space. Your body is 99.9999999% empty space.

If you magnify your hand 100 times you wouldn’t recognize it. You might be looking at the individual cells in your hand. If you magnify an individual cell to about 850,000 power magnification, you’d be looking at the individual molecules that make up the cell, and you’d be looking at a single strand of DNA in the molecules. If you magnify a single molecule in that hand to a million power magnification, you would look face to face with a single, individual atom.

If you could look inside of the atom, you’d see that there was nothing in it but empty space. An interesting thing that they say is that if you could blow up the nucleus of an atom to the size of an apple, the nearest electron would be five football lengths away. That’s how much empty space there is in an atom. Inside of an atom is empty space, and there are infinitesimally small energies that float around at the speed of light.

We refer to them as subatomic particles. That’s really what we are and what everything is. The chair and desk you’re sitting at, the earth, the sun, the moon and the stars are all made of the same thing. It’s all made of pure energy. We know that thoughts are energy, too. There isn’t anything that is not energy. Thoughts are energy. We can measure those thoughts with an EEG machine.

We now believe that emotions are also energy. Of course, that makes sense. It appears that different emotions have different frequencies. An emotion of anger is actually a certain frequency of vibration. It’s different from an emotion of grief or frustration. Every emotion has its own particular frequency. Try to imagine what it would be like to live world without emotions. I don’t think life would be worth living.

Without emotions, life would just be shades of gray. It’s good that we have emotions, but of course, we all go through emotional events from time to time that we would rather not go through. Sometimes we go through abuse or experience great sadness or loss. If we go through a divorce, we have all the grief that goes along with that. We all experience these things. We all end up with emotional baggage.

Sometimes we say things like, She has a lot of emotional baggage. I think we’re trying to express something that we understand intuitively. We all have emotional baggage. The Emotion Code, for the first time is helping us to understand that this emotional baggage is actually a real thing. Our emotional baggage consists of something that we call ‘trapped emotions’. What is a trapped emotion?

Normally, when we feel an intense emotion, it’s felt and processed and we move on. Sometimes, for some reason that we don’t quite understand yet, those intense emotions that we experience can get trapped somehow in the body. They become stuck in the body. We refer to this as a trapped emotion. Trapped emotions can occur at any age. They can be inherited. They can occur when you’re in the womb.

You can pick it up from your mother. It’s not unusual. You can pick up trapped emotions when you’re a child, and you may not have any memory of them. Trapped emotions will contribute to inflammation, pain, congestion and many diseases, even cancer. During the 22 years that I’ve been in practice in one form or another, I’ve seen that trapped emotions are consistently found in all of the imbalances that people generally suffer from. Every disease has trapped emotions as part of that process.

The vast majority of pains people have are actually caused, in whole or in part, by trapped emotions. I’ve come to the conclusion that when we have symptoms of some kind, whether it’s an emotional symptom like depression or anxiety or panic attacks or phobias or some kind of mental illness, or whether it is some kind of physical pain like migraine headaches, neck or back pain, digestive problems or asthma, no matter what the disease process, there is emotional baggage that is underlying that.

It helps to create those symptoms. It’s an astonishing thing. This is what I learned when I was in practice. About 14 years ago, I taught seminars on this because I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer. People had to know about this. I traveled around the country teaching seminars. I finally got the message in 2002 from up above that I needed to get out of my practice and write a book. It took me awhile to write it. It’s an amazing thing.

Now we have a unique tool, The Emotion Code,that anyone can read and learn. You can get rid of your own emotional baggage. You can help your kids, husband, wife, parents or other loved ones to get rid of their emotional baggage. By getting rid of emotional baggage, and by releasing these trapped emotions from ourselves, we are not only able to achieve a higher level of health, but we’re able to achieve and oftentimes fulfill the purposes of our lives that are unfulfilled.

Trapped emotions affect us in a couple of different ways. They affect us physically and also mentally. To understand how they affect us physically, you have to get your mind around this fact: the body is just a very highly organized energy field. That’s what we are. When you experience an intense emotion, and that emotion becomes stuck in the body, it will usually take the shape of a ball of energy.

These are invisible. It took me a long time to figure them out. You can’t see them, but nevertheless, they’re very real. A trapped emotion is a ball of energy from about the size of a baseball to about the size of a volley ball. They can lodge anywhere in the body. Wherever they lodge, they will distort the normal energy field of the body in that area. Eventually, by distorting the energy field in the body, they distort the body itself.

They eventually will cause physical symptoms. I’ve seen this so many times; thousands of times. One of the first cases I saw was pretty intense. A woman showed up at my office 20 years ago. She thought she was having a heart attack. She had crushing chest pain and difficulty breathing. The left side of her face was completely numb. Her left arm was completely numb. That’s unusual, but it can happen with a heart attack.

I told my staff that we might need an ambulance. I took her to another room and did some testing on her. In The Emotion Code, we get information from the subconscious mind using muscle testing. We teach a number of different methods to do this. It’s actually very simple. I started getting information out of her subconscious computer. I found that she had a trapped emotion that contributed to her symptoms which were very intense.

The emotion was grief. I traced it back through muscle testing by asking her subconscious, When did this occur? It went back one, two, three years. Her body said it occurred three years ago. When I discovered that, she broke down weeping and said, I can’t believe that’s affecting me now. I thought I dealt with that. I can’t believe it. I said, What happened to you?

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