When you have money problems, seek out a money mentor.

Most of us have money problems from time to time. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a money mentor to guide us. Many things happen that we cannot control. We could lose a job that we’ve had for twenty years or the basement of our home could flood. There are many things that we can do in order to avoid some costly mistakes in the future, but once in a while, money problems can still find us.

It’s not like money is a bad thing. It’s like a stone. It just sits there, harmless until something else comes along and acts upon it. It could be a long and enduring rain storm that washes it down the hill and crashing through the window of your house or a kid could pick it up and chuck it at another kid, breaking his arm. Money problems develop when we, as people, begin to treat it in a manner that it wasn’t intended for.

What money was meant for…

In the beginning of civilization, men and women acquired the things that they needed through barter and trade. If you had a bushel of wheat that I needed, I might trade a pig for it. A Mentor would be your uncle who was able to make that deal for half a pig. As civilizations expanded and people grew emotionally and artistically, the need for other means of trading was born. Money soon began to represent goods and services. A person no longer needed to trade wool for cleaning services. They could simply pay with coins.

Cash Money

Fast forward to our modern times and money means basically the same thing, but with one major caveat that our ancestors didn’t have to worry about. Credit. Not even one hundred years ago, only the wealthiest of people could qualify to receive things on credit. Nowadays, it seems as though anyone with a pulse can obtain credit and that is what leads to many money problems around the world.

When you begin to spend more money than you earn, you fall deeper and deeper into debt. In most elementary and grade school educations, kids learn all about history, math, science, language, and even physical fitness. What they don’t learn about, however, is how to avoid money problems in their life. They don’t learn how to manage their finances – no one even considers money mentor.

Because of this situation, Turnaround Consultants, money mentors and credit advisors are important. These professionals can help you move beyond your money problems, help you create a budget and a plan to pay off our debts, and then live a life that is within your means and away from the yoke that tears so many people down.

Money problems happen to be one of the main reasons why relationships and marriages fail. If you have found yourself in a situation where your money problems are beginning to get (or have been getting) the best of you and you feel as though you are starting to drown in debt, then it is time to seek out professional help. You may feel as though you are fully capable of digging your way out of the mess you’re in by yourself, but be honest: if nothing changes year after year and you have the same plan from year to year, maybe a professional money mentor could help you out.

Randal Clark

Turnaround Consultant

Edmonton Alberta


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