Randy Gage has been dubbed The Millionaire Messiah, thanks to his ability to teach people priceless spiritual values that bring about great prosperity. With his help, people get to replace subconscious attitudes that thwart their success with the keys to a rich and fulfilling life.

His straight-talk style is part-Deepak Chopra, part-Dennis Miller, and his concepts are deeply rooted in his experience as a high school dropout-turned-multimillionaire. His eight immensely popular books and countless audio-visual resources have been translated into over 25 languages, and have sold millions of copies.

He jets back and forth between Florida and Sydney, and when not out changing people’s lives, spends his downtime on softball, car racing, and all things sci-fi.

Tammy Lawman: In your books you talk about mind viruses that hold most people back from ever attaining the prosperity that they’re capable of achieving. What are mind viruses, and where do they come from?

Randy Gage: Mind viruses are just like a virus you might get on the hard drive of your computer, but you get them in your subconscious mind. They’re beliefs that you adopt that you’re influenced and affected by. What mind viruses do is they parasitize the host and cause you to spread the virus. It could be something really simple, like just a catchy song you hear on the radio. It’s in your mind, and you hum it in the elevator. You spread that to the other four people in the elevator. It could be a positive mind virus.

Unfortunately, most of them are negative mind viruses. That would be things like Money is bad, Rich people are evil, It’s spiritual or noble to be poor, You have to sell your soul for money, or You have to be a bad parent to be rich. These limiting beliefs are more mind viruses.

If I had to pick the three guiltiest parties, I would say one is what I would call the data-sphere, meaning TV, internet, radio, movies, friends, family, email, and the barrage of things we’re being assaulted with. That’s all programming, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A second guilty party would be governments because by their inherent nature governments need you to be needy. The more you need them, the more they’re able to anchor their power base. That’s how the party in power stays in power. That’s how the party that’s out of power tries to get into power: by promising you things they’re going to give you, creating an entitlement mentality.

The third guilty party would be organized religion, which is probably the worst of the three. It probably spreads more negative mind viruses than the other two.

Tammy Lawman: That’s interesting. Your situation was a very drastic change, but there are probably some people out there who maybe are not quite in such a situation that you were in. How can they tell if they have a mindset that’s holding them back from prosperity?

Randy Gage: I hope they’re not in the situation I was in. I was a slow learner. The universe had to send me this lesson a lot of times before I could learn it. That’s why I do the work I do. I want to save people from getting to the point I was at.

The way to know is that results don’t lie. What are you manifesting in your life right now health-wise, happiness-wise, relationship-wise, and money-wise? If you’re not manifesting abundance, then you have to figure that you have some limiting beliefs and mind viruses that are causing you to self-sabotage.

The truth is that we live in the greatest time in human history. There are more opportunities for wealth than there have ever been in the history of the world. There’s better healthcare and more known about wellness, nutrition, and exercise than at any time in our history. We know more about relationships and spirituality. These are all of the things that would make up a prosperous life. There are such extraordinary opportunities right now.

Some people could be reading this and saying, Wait a minute. I heard the economy is horrible and the government has a huge deficit. There are wars going on. It seems like a horrible time. Remember this: every challenge is what creates opportunities. Some of the greatest fortunes in the world were created in the Great Depression. True prosperity is always a value-for-value exchange. It comes from creating value in the universe. The more challenges, problems, and difficulties we’re facing, the more opportunities there are for prosperity.

Is this a difficult time right now? Are there a lot of things going on in the world that we could say are not optimal? Absolutely. Those obstacles are actually the stepping stones for success. On a personal level, each one of us is going to face challenges. That could be you have an elderly parent you’re taking care of, you’re facing cancer, you’ve just been laid off, a meteorite just landed on your garage and smashed your Toyota, or whatever. These obstacles we face are the stepping stones that allow us and cause us to develop character, determine to do more, find resolve, learn new skills, and make changes in our lives.

If you’re not healthy, happy, and prosperous, the short answer is that you’re probably infected with some of these mind viruses and limiting beliefs.

Tammy Lawman: Randy, people may not necessarily be looking at their bank accounts to determine if they have some limiting belief in some areas. They could be having health problems, or it could be some other area of their life that might be the telltale sign. Is that correct?

Randy Gage: Yes. Here’s the danger to watch for. Don’t diminish money. You’ll hear people say, It’s just money, or They’re just things. Remember that money and material things, at their essence, are all energy vibrations like anything else. You don’t want to repel them with negative energy. You don’t want to ever affirm something like It’s just money, or They’re just things. They are a part of prosperity.

I’ll be watching someone being interviewed on TV, and they’ll say, We were poor, but we never knew it. I always watch that and say, Really? I was poor, and I sure knew it. I hated it. That drove me to become successful.

For instance, in the church I go to we’ll have people come through town, and they’ll want to teach a prosperity workshop or a money workshop. They get up and say, I don’t really have a lot of money, but I have my health and my relationships, so I’m really prosperous. I think, Sorry. That dog don’t hunt. Prosperity is all-encompassing. It’s all those things: health, happiness, spirituality, relationships, money, and material things.

Understand that everybody has their different choices they’ll make. If you look at Thoreau, he had that cabin outside of Walden Pond, which I got to visit. It was amazing. It’s just an incredible place. He was happy being out in the woods in that cabin. It’s beautiful. You may have different levels than I do, Donald Trump does, or anyone else does. That’s okay.

The point is that if you have to worry about paying the rent, buying groceries, or paying a medical bill for somebody in your family, that’s not prosperity. You need to have enough money and material things so that you aren’t fighting for them and they become negative aspects of your daily existence.

Tammy Lawman: It sounds like you work with people and have some amazing success stories. Tell us a little bit about how you can help someone identify a mind virus and how they can change their mindset.

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