Pursuing an over 50 career change has its ups and downs as you go through the process which is why so many people seek career change help. There are a couple of things to consider when embarking on this endeavor that can help you keep your perspective and your sanity intact.

One direction you can take is to seek answers from outside influences, such as what your family wants you to do, what your peers think is possible for you to do, or what your cultural codes dictate for you. Or, you can go to an internal place of power and enlightenment (and magic) to find the answers that are just right for you.

Here are the top 5 tips for making a career change after 50 that use the internal approach to finding your own answers:

TIP 1 – REMEMBER THAT YOUR CHOICES ARE NOT FINAL: Your choices are always evolving. In fact, statistics show that making career changes are becoming more and more common. One of the reasons for this is that as you grow and develop throughout your life, you naturally want to shift your finances and career appropriately. This means that whatever decisions you make today may, and probably will, change in the future as you make internal changes which create desires for new directions.

So, instead of fretting over making just the right decision, remember that it’s better to take action in some small way that brings new skills and insights to you, which gives you more data for your next step or choice.

TIP 2 – BIG PICTURE: Next, narrow down your choices in the big scheme of things. Decide whether you are going to stay inside the box and remain in the work force, or if your interests are outside the box where you would be happier owning your own business or seeking a passive income. By doing this, you start opening yourself up to new possibilities, instead of just assuming that you’ll go on within the same perimeters as you have already been living.

Get your gut reaction to this question and don’t over think it. Also, don’t worry about whether or not you can achieve this big picture. This step is simply to take a temperature of your heart’s true desire.

TIP 3 – FIND THE FEELING: Now that you have an idea of whether you want to stay in the work force or exit it for your own business or other endeavor, ask yourself, How do I feel about this choice? Simply focus on the feelings you feel in response to this question and allow them to get stronger and stronger. Again don’t worry if your mind is saying that it’s not possible. What you’re looking for is to connect with your own inner wisdom about your choice to stay in the work force or exit. Once you find the good feeling place of your choices and can stay there, you start to activate the Law of Attraction. This is key to achieving any success in life and has been proven to work time and time again over the centuries.

TIP 4 – TRUST THAT YOU HAVE THE ANSWER: The magnitude of this tip is beyond words. When you can find that place of trust within yourself and have the confidence to know that you will find just the right answer for your after 50 career change, then you start attracting everything you need in order to make that career change after 50.

Part of maintaining this trust is to keep your thoughts and ideas to yourself. In order for you to let your inner voice and visions emerge, you must allow yourself to keep your thoughts private. This means that instead of telling everyone that you’re going to start living your dreams and have them toss their opinions and voices into the mix, just keep these thoughts to yourself and let them incubate and allow your internal source of trust to grow.

TIP 5 – DEVELOP A PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN: Once you get good at seeking out the internal answers that are just right for you, it’s time to put everything down on paper. This is where a personal development plan comes into view. This tool is particularly useful when seeking a career change at midlife because you are putting all of your life categories together and coming up with a plan to keep balance in all areas of your life.

One interesting thing to note when pursuing an over 50 career change is that your values are so much different now than they were when you once began your career.

For example, instead of working long hours to climb the corporate ladder which exhausts your health, now you are seeking ways to fight the aging process and boost your health. Also, your family has different priorities today than they had when you were younger. So, by doing a personal development plan for your entire life, you are setting yourself up for success in all areas, not just in your over 50 career change.

A career change after 50 can put you in a new place of empowerment, freedom and abundance when you seek out answers from your internal resources, rather than relying on outside influences to guide your choices.

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Suzanne Glover gives more advice and information on how to empower yourself for your midlife career change as well as how to develop a personal development plan at effective-positive-thinking.com

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