Linda Black is the creator of the Wealthy Mind Wealthy Life Success System and has dedicated her life to determining what’s really behind wealth and how anyone can find it. She has been a renowned speaker and coach for the past 20 years and has developed a proven scientific method for shifting your mindset to create powerful, lasting change.

LINDA BLACK: We all want to achieve extraordinary results and amazing levels of personal fulfillment along the way. This discovery is something I’m going to share with you in detail today. We’re going to get into it shortly. It has had a profound effect on my life. Just to continue with the story, not that long ago-in fact, about 18 months ago-I sat quietly, reading material from one of my favorite mentors and reflecting on all that had gone right and all that had not gone so right in my business that had failed spectacularly.

I stumbled across a familiar sentence. Although I had read it before many times, it stopped me in my tracks that day. It was as if source was speaking directly to my heart, and I can tell you I was listening. The sentence read, “Your ability to achieve any goal, your effectiveness to create personal, professional, and financial success ultimately hinges on the beliefs you hold about yourself, money, wealth, and success. You must have a proven belief that you can become wealthy and successful.”

For me, that was an aha moment. It was an epiphany of at least some of what I must be missing. For some of you listening today, those words in that sentence may not be all that new, and you may not believe that you must have a proven belief that you can become wealthy and successful in order to achieve your dreams and goals. You may think that having a proven belief of wealth and success can make all the difference in the world.

What it did for me in that moment was to speak directly to my heart that clearly I didn’t have a proven belief that I could become and, more importantly, stay wealthy and successful. Stay with me here. I’m going to prove to you that if you’re not enjoying the level of wealth and success you’ve always envisioned for yourself, it is because you don’t have a proven belief that you can become wealthy and successful.

In fact, looking back, it was really painfully obvious to me that my actions didn’t align with my beliefs. While I had no problems setting and achieving goals, a part of my brain was clearly not conditioned to allow me to achieve lasting wealth and success. As hard as it was for me to believe it, and it may be for you as well, the truth of the matter is that at that time, I was the only one holding me back from acknowledging and changing what wasn’t working in my business and in my life.

The truth of the matter was that everyone’s life, including yours, hinges on your beliefs about yourself, money, wealth, and success. If your goal is to become wealthy and make more money at work or in your business but you have a belief system that says you don’t deserve to have money, whether you know it or not, you’ll unconsciously find ways to make sure you don’t. That’s what I unconsciously believed: that I didn’t deserve to have money and success.

As a result, that’s why I kept attracting people and situations that helped me sabotage and destroy the success I had achieved. As you can imagine, after 20 years of studying success and knowing that I had most of the formula figured out, I needed to prove to myself that this was truly a missing piece of the wealth and success puzzle. I not only needed to, but I wanted to uncover any limiting beliefs I had, and I needed to do it quickly.

It all sounds simple, right? You just have to have a proven belief of wealth and success. Are you thinking that you’ve done this? If you have, why are you struggling to achieve the wealth and success you deserve? I think it’s not because you haven’t tried but because you haven’t done it the right way. It’s not your fault you haven’t done it the right way because you haven’t been taught how to do it correctly.

Here’s what I quickly discovered: creating a proven belief of wealth and success is the most important and powerful way to stop struggling and create a mindset primed for automatic success in every aspect of your life. With a proven belief of wealth and success, everything you want in your life can be yours, and it’s almost effortless. What will a proven belief of wealth and success do for you?

It will allow you to harness the power of not only your heart but your mind, your spirit, and the universe to say yes to you. I want you to remember that there was a time in your life when you thought you could achieve anything. It’s not too late. It will allow you to gain the confidence to do what you know you’re capable of because your conscious and unconscious beliefs will align with what it really takes to become successful.

You’ll know that every step you take is in the right direction. It will allow you to create lasting wealth and success. By changing your paradigms, you’ll set yourself up for automatic success for life. It will allow you to design the exact blueprint you need to live the life of your dreams. It may seem impossible right now, but you can turn it around starting today. It will allow you to live a life of purpose and possibility.

You will program the part of your brain that is responsible for goal-achieving so you reach every benchmark you set. In short, once you create a proven belief of wealth and success, you can make as much money as you want, achieve any goal you set, and watch doors open for you in ways that you never thought possible. It sounds great, right? You’re probably thinking, “I just have to change my mindset, create a proven belief of wealth and success, and prepare myself for wealth and success.” Wrong.

As you know from many of your previous efforts, whether it’s reading books, subscribing to an online newsletter, buying entire programs on CD or DVD, or attending some expensive seminars, it’s really tough to change and overcome subconscious beliefs we’ve developed early and have been living with for years. If you don’t know exactly how to create this proven belief of wealth and success for you, you can easily waste hundreds or thousands of dollars in hours or days.

You’re just spinning your wheels, continuously looking really hard for what it is you want and not finding it. I suspect you already know that because that’s what you’re living. It’s actually even more difficult than that. You see, creating a proven belief of wealth and success is only the beginning. You also need to determine your true purpose and to be able to create a bold vision that perfectly reflects the life of your dreams.

You need to learn how to set and achieve goals the right way. You need to create your personal wealth plan and a wealthy mindset. In fact, what you need to do is create wealthy beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and specific ways of thinking and doing. Once you’ve done all that, you need to then synergistically align all of the above. Here’s the best part: if you know my scientific method, it all falls into place easily and effortlessly.

It’s only if you don’t that you struggle. I know it’s hard for you to believe. You may think you’ve heard all of this and tried all of this before. You may be thinking that creating a proven belief of wealth and success just won’t work for you. After all, you’ve read the books, listened to the CDs, and maybe even created a vision board. Maybe you’ve attended events or bought home study courses.

You’ve done affirmations, journaling, meditations, and everything else under the sun. No matter what you’ve done, it seems like you just keep hitting this invisible barrier. I believe that you’re probably starting to think that maybe it’s never going to happen for you and that you’re destined to spend your life struggling. I’m here to tell you that’s not true. You can create a proven belief of wealth and success, and it doesn’t matter what you’ve tried.

If it hasn’t worked for you, it’s because you haven’t tried it my way yet. There are some very, very specific and crucial elements you must include. You may be overlooking others because you don’t know about them, and that’s going to be the case for 99% of you listening today. Maybe you just don’t realize their significance. After all, in today’s society, most of us are programmed for failure or at best mediocrity.

Our subconscious minds carry an imprint that runs completely counter to what it takes to be successful. The fact is that it’s really not your fault you haven’t realized the success you know you deserve. You don’t know how to set yourself up for automatic accomplishment. Very few people do. Very few people also teach what I teach, which is an exact scientific method.

I know every detail of getting it done, including how to uncover the unconscious limiting beliefs that you hold about anything and everything in your life and how to reprogram your mind to replace those limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs that get you results. I know how to end sabotage forever and start living the life you always imagined you could.

I can teach you how to create the exact blueprint you need to achieve success in all areas of your life, from financial to career to relationships, and how to dramatically increase your income almost instantly. I can also show you how to master the inner game of wealth to create outward success and to imprint a new personal success formula on your consciousness.

If you’re truly serious about living the life of your dreams starting now, then it’s absolutely crucial that you learn every aspect of creating a proven belief of wealth and success for you. I’m telling you that if you don’t, you may never see the life you’ve dreamed of, and you may never see financial success or personal satisfaction and fulfillment. That’s why I’m ready to share my secret with you.

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