As you look around at the health and fitness level in America, do you wonder….Why is there so much degenerative disease in the U.S.? Why is there such a fat epidemic? And one more question: are the two related in any way?

My passion over the past 26 years has been to find answers to these questions. In this article you will learn about the danger of the synthetic chemicals that have exponentially multiplied in the past 18 years, how these chemicals may have damaged your health and your slimming system, and how to begin a simple baby step restoration process.


"The careless diet of civilized man throws a tremendous load on the liver. Then too the chemicals that get into our vegetables – due to chemical fertilizers, poisonous sprays and food additives have more than doubled its work. Should the workload become too heavy and beyond the ability of the liver to maintain purity of the food supply, such chemicals sneak through to affect the tissue cells. In that case, all types of degenerative diseases may develop. An accumulation of toxic body waste among the tissue cells provides a breeding ground for disease. As tissue cells are damaged because they can't access the good nutrients, they tend to become old." (This quote is by Dr. Forrest Shaklee and was written many, many years ago.) Dr. Shaklee goes on to say, "If we can help the tissues repair themselves, we can make old age wait." (Don't you love this thought!)


We Can Make Old Age Wait

I will add we can speed our pathway to becoming Fabulously Fit™ and abundantly healthy. There is ANOTHER hidden danger to these chemicals that have now become so rampant in our food chain. They poison critical parts of our weight control system – (trademarked with the name of Natural Slimming System™ by Dr. Hamilton – author of the UK best seller, The Detox Diet). Most every single one of these chemicals cause weight gain in some way.

Chemicals Cause Weight Gain

The same chemicals fed to cattle to fatten them with less food are sprayed on our fruits, and vegetables so we too can become fat with eating less.

The two main groups of chemicals are the carbamates and the organophosphates. Here are some of the effects these chemicals may have on our slimming systems:

  • Possess extremely powerful fattening abilities
  • Reduce overall metabolic rate – the rate at which we burn calories
  • Lower our overall level of physical activity – taking away our desire to exercise
  • Cause extreme damage to the muscles, damaging our ability to exercise
  • Can permanently damage nerves

Our Slimming System

Our Slimming System is composed of four parts:

  1. The control center (the hypothalamus in the brain) – Messages relayed from the brain travel around by hormones. IF the brain thinks the fat stores are too large, it will send direction for the body to burn off the excess. If it thinks not enough – it will send signals to find food.
  2. There are a large number of slimming hormones – internal messengers that enable one part of the body to talk to another. Our goal is to strengthen this number of workers, who are fighting to give us victory in the war on fat.
  3. The third part of our slimming system is a body structure with organs and muscles working properly and nerves intact to stimulate the relevant muscles.
  4. The fourth part is the need for an abundance of nutrients to power, accelerate and facilitate the millions of individual reactions taking place in the body and so govern the overall speed of metabolism. Overweight people tend to be markedly deficient in certain vitamins and minerals especially: A, B, C, E, Zinc and magnesium. (Study by Ohrvall 1993 showed that those with lower levels of E in the blood had greater abdomen measurements.)

Overweight people may have more difficulty utilizing their nutrients, or they may just require more. The verdict is not totally in. It may well be both cases.

A problem in any one of these four areas of your Slimming System could seriously reduce your overall ability to lose weight.


Here are 7 stepsSteps to Repair and Restore your Slimming System

  1. Intentionally plan to avoid the intake of as many of these Chemical Calories™(coined by Dr. Hamilton) as possible by shopping for organically grown foods.
  2. Be sure your body is daily and thoroughly eliminating waste. Pure water and fiber are the main helpers here. Our fat cells store toxins (these Chemical Calories™). Water flushes them out. Fiber from whole fresh vegetables, fruits and grains acts like a sponge absorbing fat and toxins. Fiber sweeps and pushes debris on through the system before it stagnates, accumulates or re-circulates.
  3. Enable the slimming hormones to work for you. In 1994 as I went through the American Academy of Nutrition and studied under Dr. Anna Maria Ballin, I learned a wonderful strategy for this. She told me that mixing soy protein in water and coupling this drink with 1 to 2 B Complex sets up the neurotransmitters that go straight to the brain (the control center of our slimming system.) Be sure to take these on an empty stomach so the pathway is not hindered. These neurotrans-mitters must carry the powerful slimming hormones as they begin almost immediately to reduce cravings, increase alertness and create a sense of well-being. You will love them as I have for almost ten years now. Dr. Ballin recommends soy protein from the Shaklee Corporation.
  4. Purpose to eat six small nutrient dense meals daily to prevent overeating and to prevent fat and toxins (Chemical Calories™) from being pushed into the fat cells for storage.
  5. Add a collection of natural whole food supplements so your body is equipped to power your slimming system.
  6. Incorporate strength training into your exercise plan.
  7. Consistently exercise. This maximizes your body's natural cleansing system ability.

So What Have We Discovered?

  • Chemical Calories™ are acting as enemies to America in the war on fat.
  • They are damaging our slimming systems.
  • The four parts of our Natural Slimming System™ can be strengthened and repaired.

Yes, this is a bundle to think about and to do. However, the time spent in building health is not nearly as great as the time spent in illness. If you don't take time for your health, you may have no health for your time. Most people never understand this. They just blissfully breeze through life never seeing that there is a correlation between what they do and how their life turns out. Knowledge is bringing us motivation to prevent the diseases and the fat accumulations that are killing Americans today.



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