I’m embarrassed to say that I forget to market my own business sometimes. I work hard marketing for my clients, but forget that I need to be consistently marketing my business too. This is not a good habit and something I’ve been reminded of recently.

I was speaking to a potential strategic partner and she asked me, why do you only have 260 people on your Facebook page? Truth be told, I started my profile page as my business page and have built that up since. But I had to confess to her that I’m much like the cobbler whose children have no shoes!

So I’m writing today to ask you, do you forget to market yourself too? We get so busy in our business, working for our clients, putting new products and services together, but then we forget the most important part, actually letting people know what we offer, and that’s where marketing comes in.

I know, you are probably thinking, but I’m too busy or the one I hear the most, I HATE marketing. I get it, but the problem with those statements is if you aren’t marketing, who is going to know about your business. The answer is No One!

I have made a commitment to increase my Facebook business page followers, even if that means I have to put something on the back burner. I have to remember to market myself with as much care and hard work that I put into my clients businesses. Right? Really, what was I thinking?

I have case studies and completed tests regarding social media marketing and I know what works and what doesn’t.

Here are some tips to get you back on track with your social media marketing efforts:

  1. Set up a Hootsuite account – It’s free. Once you have that set up with all your social sites, plan one hour a week to post a whole week of quotes, thoughts, business tips, personal updates, etc. I would post 3 times a day on Twitter and Facebook and 3 times a week on LinkedIn at a minimum. You can increase Twitter posts up to 15 per day if you get so inspired.

  2. Blog – Start a blog or blog more then you are now. I recommend at the 3 times a week minimum.

  3. Host a complimentary call to let people know who you are, talk about their pain and how you can solve it. If you want to promote a product or service, do it! I have found that having a colleague interview you is the best way to do a call. It gives you someone to talk to and keeps you on track.

  4. If you need to add friends, start with inviting your email list. Ask them to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter or any other sites you are active in.

  5. Add your “Connect with me” social links to all your correspondence, including your newsletter, email signature, forum post, and blogs. Make sure people can easily connect with you.

You will be surprised at how many connections you can make by just adding a few simple steps to what you are already doing!

About the Author:

Janet Majoulet- Foust is CEO of Two Sister’s Marketing, Inc. dba Younique Brand Design and The Social Media Queen companies that creates authentic websites, brands and social media marketing that attracts your ideal clients. Janet is a contributing author of the book ‘Success Rituals 2.0: Winning Habits of High-Achieving Women.’ You can learn more about Janet and her products and services at http://www.youniquebranddesign.com and http://thesocialmediaqueen.com

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