The Vision and Core Values of a company are the life of a business. They are much bigger than a statement, a sign on a wall, or a saying. The vision and core values of the company motivate and inspire staff, clients and vendors that you are  a company that is unique.

The values and vision of a company gives a common ground and direction of what the company stands for, where it is going, and most importantly who it is now and in the future.

When an organization operates from it’s values and vision, leaders and staff alike are operating from that set of values and vision in what they DO, and how they act.

As it’s been said: “Actions are louder than words.”

The leadership is responsible for creating, building and communicating the values and vision of that organization.

A great leader takes a few steps to make this happen.

1. Operate from your values.

Get buy in from your team by asking them to help you decide the most important values in your organization.

Start with examples of what the values could be and build upon it. Take the grand list and get the team to identify what the most important values are. Make a list and hand them out to your staff.

2. Decide on the overall vision of the company.

From the values, decide on what the company would look like to ‘live in’ those values.

For example, our vision statement is: We help people live their dreams by providing the finest training and education in the world today, teaching people how to reach their fullest potential mentally, physically, socially, spiritually and financially.

3. Communicate your values and vision.

Staff should see you and your leadership leading by example living and making decisions based on the values and vision of the company.

4. Reinforce the values and vision of the company.

Use a few minutes in your meetings with staff to regularly communicate the vision of the company.

As part of our training program, a staff member needs to recite the vision of the company.

We use our “Fantastic Friday Reinforcement Technique” to end the day 15 minutes early to recognize the team for a job well done, communicate the vision and values of the company as well as read or show examples of success stories submitted from

The passion of you and your leadership team to continuously reinforce the vision and values, will determine whether the vision is carried out.

5. Inspect what you expect, so they have respect.

Many companies have a great concept of a vision, however they tell a staff member about it once and then rely on them to remember it.

Tell them what you expect. Ultimately they will respect what you inspect.

Create an environment so your staff and partners take ownership in that vision. Make it a goal to get them to actively practice the vision and values of the organization.

People are the key asset in any business. Make it a goal to faciliate a culture that is customer, client and staff driven.

6. Listen to what people want.

Provide a valuable service or product. Communicate what you’re doing to solve the problems in your industry and what makes you unique.

When you do, getting staff to engage and live the values and vision of the organization is simple.

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