Harrison Klein is the principal creator of The Masters Gathering, and a transformational coach, teaching self-mastery and the I AM Principles. He is also part of the Women, Power & Purpose Program, and he helps people push the boundaries of their awareness

TAMMY LAWMAN: You talk about universal energy and the vibrational signals we send out. Can you explain how that works?

HARRISON KLEIN: Everything in this universe is energy. It’s not made up of energy. It is energy. It is not that something is energy and something is not. Everything in this universe is both particle and waves simultaneously in the quantum world. It is our sacred attention and the sacred attention of every individual that commands energy to be shaped in the form of their thoughts.

If you’re thinking about something like a desk or a computer at home, or whatever the case may be, you expect that to be there when you get there. That’s your particular vibrational state. The language of the universe is vibration. It’s not English, French, Swahili, German, or an Asian language. It is vibration. Vibration is the feeling of who we are. It’s the extent of the speed at which all things are vibrating.

We, as individuations, match a particular place of vibration in the universe. It’s an energy vibration because there’s nothing but this gigantic vastness of super energy. At different points in the energy, like in different points in the ocean, there are different vibrations. For example, you could be a wave in the ocean, or a calm spot, or a deep spot, or you could be a placid spot. Each of those things is individuated and happens only in a localized area, but it is individuated and still part of the ocean.

We vibrate in the same way. All energy is the same thing. We are the same thing as our computers, television screens, and cars. It’s all just energy vibrating at different frequencies. The difference between us and that energy out there is we have command of that energy by our connection to source. By the highest dimension of consciousness that we can attain, we create the matching vibrations to experience things. This is the frequency that we want to put out into the world. I don’t know if that helps or not, Tammy.

TAMMY LAWMAN: It definitely helps. When someone comes to you, what are some of the first steps that you take to help them? Is it part of changing their mindset? What’s part of the transformational process that goes on?

HARRISON KLEIN: It’s a major change. We make perceptual shifts in people’s understanding. Perceptual shifts change our mind’s vibration and our entire vibration.

Every time we make a perceptual shift, we change the vibration of who we are. Change your mind; change your life. That is a particular kind of energy frequency. If you’re down, you haven’t made a lot of money, you are not feeling worthy, or you are feeling like you’re not good enough, I give you the tools to make those changes in your life and work from a higher vibration.

The universe has only two real reasons for us to exist. Those are to expand in happiness and to expand in being. There are only two things that it asks of us. How we do that is our choice. Its whole process is an expansion of being and an expansion of happiness.

That’s what it asks of us. As we begin to understand how all that works, we simply take a look at what we are thinking and how we are identifying ourselves to ourselves. We start to create a foundation that integrates and internalizes the process of who we are at the desired level. We become deliberate and conscious co-creators of what we want to manifest in this world. I work with a lot of different tools to make that happen. We create classes which I coach. There are about 30 people in a class who make tremendous inroads into what I call the miracle zone.

They step into a place where their manifestation starts to become effortless and easy. That’s what I want to talk about on this call. We create this process of building upon different perceptual shifts that allow us to become bigger, better, more significant versions of ourselves. I’m not talking about just self-esteem. I’m talking about going beyond self-esteem.

It’s understanding that we are a spirit with a body and not a body with a spirit; the dimensions of that endless, infinite, eternal experience; and the purpose of why we came here. From there flows everything that exists in the universe for us. As we apply our purpose to everything, it becomes a fountain of who we are. If we understand how the world works in actual construction, now we can make our way in it because now we become the conscious co-creator of how that works.

When somebody comes to me and wants to go through a transformation or a change, we start to look at and teach them the foundations of making perceptual shifts and then going into the whole process of understanding relativity, which is how time works. If you can’t understand how time works, which is the fourth dimension, you are not going to understand the timeframe for manifestation.

We found scientifically through the unparalleled work of Einstein that there is no such thing as time. It’s just a persistent illusion. He proved mathematically that everything is here all at once at one goal. Past, present, and future are happening simultaneously, and all possibilities and probabilities exist simultaneously. It’s all collapsed into one focal point called the here and now. As long as we’re in the here and now, we have power.

The moment we lose that place we start to live in the past or the future and we lose our power, basically. There are times when we need to go into the past or the future. That’s absolutely so. Most of us daydream on a regular basis. We’re on automatic pilot most of the time. We don’t have much awareness of what goes on around us. Most of us have a three-foot perimeter of our awareness of what’s happening around us, but there are people who have a two-mile awareness of what goes on around them. They have a 20-mile awareness or a 20-foot awareness of what is happening around them consistently.

That means, for example, that they can concentrate on reading a book and hear four conversations going on in restaurant booths in front of them. They know that the water is dripping, there’s a screech on the floor, and a baby’s crying at the other end of the restaurant, but they can still concentrate on what they’re doing. That is awareness becoming aware of itself. We go into meditation. As we grow into our higher selves, the dimensions of consciousness expand the parameters of our awareness in magical ways. Does that help?

TAMMY LAWMAN: That does help. Why don’t you go into more about how you use the fourth dimension manifestation to bring things into your life? How can they use this?

HARRISON KLEIN: I was planning to teach a couple of techniques for manifestation. I think that’s the best way. I can explain it, but that will only give you an idea of the way that it works. I can actually take you through a couple of different manifestation techniques to show you the power of what’s really involved, what manifestation is, and what we understand manifestation to mean.

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