Joanna Garzilli is author of Unleash the Psychic in You: How to Trust Your Intuition for Successful Decision-Making, as well as founder of America’s Intuition Coach (, an engaging and comprehensive website on intuitive guidance and over-all self-improvement.

By tapping into her spiritual self and discovering her spirit guides, Joanna was able to turn her life around for the better. From a discouraged, lovelorn woman mired in debt, she transformed into a great mom and wife who makes millions helping others make their own remarkable, life-changing decisions.

Among her clients are celebrities, politicians, and corporate leaders, all of whom have been able to conquer their fears and assert themselves with astounding results thanks to her wisdom, enthusiasm, and commitment.

Tammy Lawman: Let’s just jump right into this. What is a money and love blueprint?

Joanna Garzilli: First of all, I just want to say that I was excited to connect with you, and I thought, What would be most beneficial for people, especially with what’s going on in the world at the moment? When I sat down to connect to my spirit, I just got that people really need to understand and learn about their money and love blueprint to be able to break through to the level of success that they want.

I just feel like this is a really timely and important topic to cover but also really working from a different angle, from the perspective of spirit. I know many people have spoken about this topic before. We have the money and love blueprint and success. I really am going to be bringing something different to this today that people will be able to go back over. If you just take one point from what I share today, you will get a shift in your life.

That is my intention. People are so often looking at, If I could just get here, or If I could just be right over there, then everything would be okay. My intention for today is that it’s really just going from where you’re at right now. That’s different for each person. The money and love blueprint is a combination of your thoughts, feelings, and raw energy.

It’s interesting because oftentimes when I connect with spirit, I think of energy as essence. This time when I got plugged in, spirit gave it to me as raw energy. I hadn’t really looked at it or thought about it in that capacity before. The other thing about your money and love blueprint is that there are thoughts you’re born with that come from your soul, and there are thoughts you take from others and absorb into your energy field at the cellular level.

There are feelings you have before you’re born that come from the desire of your spirit, and then there are feelings you absorb through empathy, also known within the psychic world as clairsentience, that you take on as your own. It’s hard to recognize what your feelings are versus someone else’s feelings when you don’t have that awareness. Then as I spoke of before, there’s that raw energy. When I say raw energy, someone might say, What’s raw energy? It’s pure energy essence vibration that is the makeup of who you are. It’s a combination of all those things that make up your money and love blueprint.

Tammy Lawman: Awesome. I didn’t know we were going to get so deep into this so early in the conversation. It’s very cool.

Joanna Garzilli: I don’t like to mess around.

Tammy Lawman: How can our listeners and readers discover their money and love blueprint?

Joanna Garzilli: The key to understanding and aligning with your money and love blueprint is you have to use your intuitive senses to develop awareness of your true thoughts, feelings, and raw energy. Spirit gave me this cool image of raw energy being like eating healthy foods that haven’t been over-processed and ruined with poor cooking. This is where you use the skill of clairvoyance, which means images.

People often think, To be in tune, intuitive, or psychic, you have to see an angel standing in front of you in Technicolor. Oftentimes it’s the thought or feeling of, I have this image inside my head. I can’t see it. It’s a knowing seeing. I had the image of when you’re being healthy and eating kale salad and stuff like that from Whole Foods. The other side of it is the processed food and when you eat too much fast food or stuff is overcooked.

That’s the analogy. Oftentimes spirit will show things to give you clarity about what that energy looks like so you can pinpoint in on that. The other way that you discover your money and love blueprint is you have to slow down enough to be able to recognize what your thoughts, feelings, and energy are. I think I’m just going to say that again so that people can really absorb it instead of rushing through.

I think sometimes I get excited because I have so much information to share. We just have a little bit of time together today, and there’s so much of that. I get carried away. I’m just going to say that again because I feel like that’s what I need to do so that people can really absorb this. You have to slow down enough to be able to recognize what your thoughts, feelings, and energy are.

When people have a spiritual awakening, they get excited and then totally overwhelmed because they get a glimpse of the good things ahead, and they also have to deal with the trash that’s built up from years of being in denial. They want to clarify. Someone doesn’t think, I want to be in denial. It’s just that the pain is too much, so that’s what they do. They go into denial. I did that in my own life for years.

I talk about this in my book, Unleash the Psychic in You. I was in a very toxic codependent relationship. I had very low self-esteem. I was super confident from the outside, but inside I hadn’t processed the stuff. It was sort of ironic because I was doing a lot of spiritual things. I was doing yoga, going to meditation classes, and going to spiritual retreats.

I went to every single self-help workshop under the sun. I traveled around the world and worked with all these different shamans. I said, I have to make sure I don’t swear because it lowers my vibration. I have to do these certain things. I went vegetarian for a year. I got rid of my designer handbags and clothes because I wanted to be spiritual. The thing was that there was a part of me that was really in denial and couldn’t see what I needed to do to come out the other side of that.

For me, the way that I came out of that denial was when the pain was just so excruciating at every level that I had no other choice. I felt like I’d been backed into a corner and the world was against me. Here’s a way that some people can experience this on a very basic level. I noticed this in myself about a year or so ago. It’s getting better and better. I’m working on it.

When it was tax time and taxes were due, if a letter came in the mail from the IRS or I had to fill out a particular form for my CPA, I would feel attacked. That letter would come from the IRS or EDD, and I’d think, Oh my god! What do they mean by this? Why are they asking that of me? That’s just totally irrational. I really had to work through that stuff and get very clear about the relationship with that money and love blueprint as I worked on the internal parts of myself.

Now when something comes in the mail regarding tax stuff, I don’t have that reaction. There will sometimes be a twinge of fear like when I’ve done something wrong because of that past stuff, energy, or feeling. That’s just one example. I just picked that example because everyone has to pay taxes. When it hits that time of year, it’s a big trigger for people.

I just spoke to my CPA the other day because I’m really far ahead of myself on my tax stuff. He said, I just had a late rush. The people from 2010 have done one extension and another extension, and they can’t do anymore. Now they’re in a panic. I think that when you really deal with your money and love blueprint, you don’t need to have emergencies happen in your life anymore. You feel more in control and at peace, and you don’t feel attacked.

Tammy Lawman: A lot of people who are reading this are likely to be surprised to discover that the type of foods you put into your body, the way you analyze your actions, and the things you’re doing in your life actually correspond to your money and love blueprint. They’re probably also surprised to think that they go hand in hand and they’re not something separate. Can you explain a little bit about why it all works together?

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