All things must start with a thought. To change your life you
will begin to think intentionally and creatively. It is no more
difficult to do things that bring success than it is to do the
things that brought failure. It all begins in your thoughts.
The mind is pretty much like a wheelbarrow: it goes the way it
is pushed. Read on to learn how you can turn the wheelbarrow
into the path of success.


“As a Man Thinketh in His Heart, So is


You are what you think. My question to you is: What are you
really dwelling upon in those moments when your mind takes over?
Which direction are you going? If you are going in a positive
direction, your predominant thoughts are in agreement with the
picture of the new you that you are believing to become. Your
heart is saying “YES”. Your thoughts are saying, “Yes, I can do

If you are going in a negative direction, your thoughts are
taking you in an opposite direction. Your heart is saying “No”.
Your thoughts are saying, “This is too hard.” “I can’t do
this.” “This won’t work.”

Whether you are going in a positive or negative direction
depends upon your own personal goals. How can you go in a
positive direction toward your goals if they are not clear in
your mind as to just exactly what they are?

Whether we realize it or not, our thoughts are either working
for us or they are working against us at all times, every second
of every minute of every day. Our thoughts can bombard us if
not captured.


Shift Your Thoughts in Any Area of Your Life and
You will Create Change

Hundreds of thousands of thoughts go through your mind hourly.
In order to change your health, your fitness, your life, it will
be necessary to shift your thoughts toward the change you want.
Shift your thoughts in any area of your life and you will create

It is easy to think we are positive when actually our quiet
self-talk is taking us further and further from our victory.
This happens because we are not tuned in to what our thoughts
are. We are not thinking intentionally.

So what can we do?


  1. Take some time right now to get in touch with your pattern
    of thinking. You can do this by taking 5 minutes and allowing
    yourself to write every thought that enters your mind, judging
    or deleting nothing. Then come back and discover whether your
    predominant thoughts are positive or negative.


  2. Decide to intentionally think good thoughts. This could be
    the hardest thing you will ever do. You will never arrive. It
    will be a continuous day-by-day, minute-by-minute opportunity to
    overcome. However, the more you do it, the more it will become
    a habit. You will soon be on autopilot in the right direction
    more than in the wrong direction. This will carry over into
    every single aspect of your life if you can master this. Your
    success will not be made up of what you hope for: it will be
    made up of what you create. Your price for success in this
    journey, as in the entire journey of life, is just one thought
    after another.

Capturing Your Thoughts

This piece of the puzzle is called Capturing Your thoughts.
This is something a man named Viktor Frankl had to do or die as
he lived through incarceration in a Nazi concentration camp
during WWII. He realized the one element his captors could not
control was his attitude. To alleviate his terrifying
circumstances, he focused on a positive picture of the future.
He visualized being a successful psychologist, never ever
allowing himself to sink into the horror that was going on all
around him. Viktor’s determination to capture his thoughts
saved his life.

You may not realize it, but your decision to capture your own
thoughts is just as important. You can do it, because God gives
instructions to do this. He wouldn’t tell us to do something
that was impossible. He says, “Bring into captivity every
thought to the obedience of Christ.”

He also says, “Think on those things good, pure, lovely, of a
good report, if there be any virtue, if these be any praise,
think on these things.” The Weymouth translation of this says,
“Cherish the thought of these things.”

Here is the bottom line. You and I begin to capture our
thoughts and turn them around or


Our thoughts will capture us and turn us around to go in a
direction we did not intend to go.

Our thoughts, if not taken captive will hold us captive

They will hold us right where we are – unable to break the
barrier between where we are and where we want to be.

So, you see, you do have a choice. You can choose to think the
thoughts of success. You can choose to change channels away
from the old and over to the new. By learning to consistently
capture your thoughts, you can change your life.


Dani Rotramel
Owner of and the Revolutionary Fabufit System, a
program revealing the Baby Step Path into the entire Circle of

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