Bob Doyle is popularly known as one of the guys behind the 2006 film The Secret. He teaches and lives the Law of Attraction principles of purpose, passion, and true abundance. He has two LOA websites currently: and He is currently working on the release of his new Self-Help book, Follow your passion, Find your power.

Tammy Lawman: Your primary focus and what you’re best known for has always been the Law of Attraction. Now it appears that you’re talking more and more about passion. Tell us why.

Bob Doyle: The Law of Attraction has been almost talked to death for the past 10 years or so and specifically since The Secret came out. There was such a glut of information that came out after the film because I think a lot of people in the personal development industry saw an opportunity because it was really hot because of the film. There was a lot of stuff that was put out there that, in my opinion, was not really complete or accurate.

Even The Secret was only a 90-minute film, and there was a lot that we couldn’t cover that I think is really crucial when it comes to understanding the Law of Attraction. The net result was that people went out and bought all these programs. They tried the various techniques. They had this basic explanation that like attracts like, and you can visualize things and they’ll appear.

That was the extent of their understanding. They tried these things with very mixed results, and as a result, they got jaded and wanted to move on to the next thing. It kind of breaks my heart because I have found that you need to really understand the Law of Attraction and know how your experience of reality is coming together, not in a new age way but on a level of science and how is this really working?

Tammy Lawman: The Law of Attraction seems like such a simple concept, but there also seem to be a lot of variables. It’s a little more complex than you would think. Do you feel that’s why people get such mixed results when they try to use it, or is there another reason?

Bob Doyle: It’s all that resistance stuff. We can all define the Law of Attraction the same way, and we can all give people techniques that can work, but they can only work to the extent that a person doesn’t have these beliefs about acquiring or attracting whatever they’re trying to attract. Like I said, for most of our lives, even the experience of just sitting in our room and everything in it we’re in resonance with.

We don’t think about it, but it’s energetically there for a reason. A universal intelligence that’s far greater than any human will probably ever be has determined that this is how energy is going to structure based on how we are as human beings. It’s very complex. Beneath the covers, it’s very complex. We’re learning to understand more and more about it.

The variables are all about what’s going on subconsciously: those belief systems and resistance. Two people can take the exact same action and get different results. Why is that? It’s about what’s going on with them energetically. One person is open to attracting a certain result, and the other person is repelling certain aspects of it. They’ll get something somewhat different or completely opposite.

It does seem like, What’s going on here? You have to understand that what’s going on is that energy is different running in you than it is in this person, but we can deal with that. We’ve learned these wonderful techniques called release techniques that allow us to actually interact with this system of energy that makes up who we are. We can balance those disruptions in our energy system that are our negative beliefs and emotions and lack of self-confidence.

All of it is just energy. We can interact with it in a variety of ways to get it configured how we want to. Again, that all sounds so complex. Do we all have to learn that? In reality, no. Obviously, there are people in the world who are happy and successful who don’t know the first thing about the Law of Attraction. Life just goes for them. It’s because they’ve been blessed to be in a situation growing up where they don’t have the same resistances as some of us who struggle.

Tammy Lawman: You said that the Law of Attraction seems to work better for people who are clear on their passions and are living them. Why is that?

Bob Doyle: Let’s say you want to be a musician. That’s who you really believe you are. The music is in you. You write music effortlessly. It just flows all the time. Maybe you have a beautiful singing voice or something that clearly is a gift to you, but you’ve grown up in a family where they’ve decided that success in the music industry is like getting struck by lightning. It’s only a one-in-a-million shot.

You have to know people. There’s all this limitation around it. You’ve pushed it aside as a hobby. Sometimes-and this happens to a lot of people-they push it so far down that they disconnect from it completely. It’s too painful to look at. They knew they were supposed to be something, but they were told that they couldn’t be. Now it’s just too painful. That’s why so many people grow up feeling so bitter and why teenagers rebel.

There’s some point in our lives that who we know we are is inappropriate on some level, and we can’t do it. However, if that is not the case and we have been nurtured in our passion all of our lives and we’re truly being who we are and sharing our value with the world, then we’re touching all the right people. We’re contributing all this great value and making a difference just by being who we are and not playing small.

Anybody reading this knows that if you see a person who is living their life full-out and is living their passion, it’s inspiring just to watch them, whether or not you like what they’re doing and whether it’s your passion. Just to see somebody living in a state of passion is inspiring. It creates a shift in people. For a while they’re watching it. It may just be that they’re inspired to take action themselves.

Tammy Lawman: Wonderful. Bob, you have a new book coming out called Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power. Can you tell our readers more about what they’ll find in the book? Then we’ll tell them how they can get more information about it.

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