Internet marketing for beginners is really not all that difficult when you have a basic knowledge of the principles that drive traffic in Google. If you’ve been marketing online for over six months and still not getting tons of leads, you need to consider the basic principles of what drives traffic. Google itself is not a person or company with real people who decide who gets to rank. It’s actually a robot that moves around the internet, or “Google-bot”. I’ve outlined some free SEO tips, the four basic principles of search engine optimization. The tips below are laid out in simple layman’s terms so you can get a grasp how you can move up the Google ladder with internet marketing.


It’s important to understand how to find relevant concepts to what you’re marketing. For example, if you want to market a multilevel opportunity, you want to come up with relevant content for people who are in the network marketing profession. When you’re figuring your keyword phrase, make sure that the website you’re offering is perfectly relevant to the material people might be searching for. For example, you might have a very wonderful and informative article about marketing for introverts, and this may attract people who are looking for help in getting a courage boost in their marketing technique. However, if you have an article about multilevel marketing, and a website you’re driving them to that has to do with network marketing, it will only be frustrating to your viewers. And, since Google tries to serve the common viewer, Google likes what people like. If people are frustrated when they find your article, then Google moves you further away from the top.


The second most important factor in ranking with Google is popularity. Your site has to prove to Google that it’s popular. The more sites that drive traffic to your site, the more popular it is in Google’s eyes. You can check any site to see how popular it is by checking the site explorer in Yahoo which will tell you how many “inlinks” there is to a site. The more sites out there that link to your article, the more popular it is, and the higher Google will rank it.

There are many ways to get links to your website from posting on a site link this one, to exchanging links with websites related to your own, using social media sites, putting content on other sites and blogs and running an affiliate program. It is important, however, to make sure that the website linking to you is a creditable source, as there are plenty of spammers out there.


It’s important to be original when you write your articles. When you submit your articles to article directories, they are actually read by real people who decide whether or not to approve your article as live content. If it appears to be identical to someone else’s, it doesn’t get approved. Also, if you’re using article spinning software that submits hundreds of the same article to different directories, it’s important to make sure that the content is 30% -50% different at a minimum.


As mentioned before, relevancy is the most important factor in generating traffic. Once you have the right topic and keyword phrase identified that’s designed to funnel traffic to your site, it’s important to group content into areas on your article in an organized fashion. Also, grouping content in your website itself will allow you to retrieve SEO traffic from people who are searching for your topic. For example, if you’re targeting a network marketing industry, your website should include the words “MLM” or “Network Marketing.” This is one of the most overlooked features in creating a web design.

Although Google is the king of search these days, Yahoo also gets tons of traffic, and costs less if you’re marketing pay per click. You can also pull up your SEO by attaching YouTube videos to your site. This is relatively easy. Simply create a “blog announcement” or “article announcement”, show the page and talk for about 30 seconds telling how awesome the article is and how it will help solve your viewer’s problems. This creates more traffic flowing to your articles, blog, and website, and tends to move everything up the SEO ladder quickly. That will give you the internet marketing help you need to be on your way to success.

If you want to increase your traffic online, then accessing internet marketing help is your best bet. I recommend you take advantage of my FREE 8-Day Internet Marketing Mastery School, which will quickly teach you the basics of internet marketing ( as well many other cost effective tricks to the trade.

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