Every night we go to sleep and witness many dreams. We almost spend our one-third life in sleeping. Whether you are able to remember your dreams or not, everybody dreams and it’s a fact.

I have been conscious of my dreams since past few years and wondered their complex stories and how they would perfectly reflect my state of beliefs, desires, fears, and aspirations working as a perfect mirror of my waking consciousness.

Lately I began to see them more closely and many a times, became conscious of dreaming inside the dreams and altered the output of the dream or course of the dream. Sometimes, I rewind and experience the altered sequence. Often I would analyze dreams while dreaming.

Once I got up from a very complex dream and woke up. I was amazed at a sudden thought of my mind working as a projector, projecting such a complex script as a dream sequence involving so many characters, huge landscapes, twists and turns like that of a movie story and weaving everything together as one coherent dream sequence without any ‘editing’ or ‘revisions’ needed!

One day, I was hearing an audio recording of Deepak Chopra’s interview who views this whole thing with little different perception and immediately it struck me. I used to think of my mind projecting this story, but I did not see my mind as ‘me’. So now I have me myself, in my dream as not only the character which is ‘me’ in the dream but all other characters, the plot, the locations… everything as ‘me’!

So if you are witnessing a dream of you playing volleyball on a beach with your friends, then essentially you are the ‘you’ who is playing along with ‘yourself’ as your friends, you as the sea, you as the sand of the beach, you as the net, you as the ball as well you are the sounds you hear, you are the sunlight you see, you are ALL THAT IS in that dream including the OBSERVER observing and experiencing that dream!

The REALITY as we know is no different than a DREAM, only it is a waking state dream. I am my physical body, I am my mind, I am the PC on which I am reading this, I am the article, I am the reader and I am the writer and I am the one who is observing and understanding this and saying ‘hmm’!

Think of what happens when you ‘wake up’. You suddenly realize all that happened in dreams was only an illusion and so it never actually happened. What if we ‘wake up’ again from our so-called waking consciousness just to find that this reality is also an illusion? And nothing actually happened?

As we know the ‘I’ in our dreams never existed, it was just a projection of ‘myself’ (which is ‘higher self’ for the ‘I’ within the dream state). So isn’t this ‘I’ of waking state also an illusion – a projection? Is this ‘I’ also our limited perception of the omnipresent One Higher Self?

Well it seems dreams do tell us a lot about ‘reality’ if we analyze them more deeply.

About the Author:

Amitt Parikh is the author of Conversations with The Mysterious One. He is a mystic and a professional trainer conducting revolutionary Self Development Courses, seminars and workshops for Everyday Evolutionary Living and Your Spiritual Revolution. He is the Executive Editor of Your Spiritual Revolution eMagazine and the Founder of Spiritual Science & Research Foundation, India.

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