Dear You – First, the good news: You have been given so much. It’s probably been the same for every generation, but maybe the stakes are higher, more exciting, more rewarding, more exhilarating and – yes – more scary for you.

In the West, your standard of living, your access to technological expertise, your ability to earn and keep on learning, the natural optimism of hope, and the raw energy of intellectual ingenuity all you to dominate the workplace of the future in a way that is wholly different from the past – even in these troubled economic times.

You’re wired into the web, and the opportunities for travel and your generation’s interest in ecological and spiritual values have never been greater. Your independence and indifference to “how things are done around here” allow you develop initiatives that work.

You are able to live with “blurred vision” in a way your parents were never able to. Conventional values are less certain, careers more fluid (if conventional careers still exist at all), alternative lifestyles proliferate, and a commitment to a personal relationship can be delayed until…..whenever?

But there’s another side to the coin: it’s going to be tough. Much is going to be asked of you. You can’t afford to stop learning: you’re going to need to learn continuously, and develop. No job is safe anymore. And with less security, it’s harder to make personal sacrifices for other people.

So it’s vital that you begin now to nurture your vision, and hold your dream. Don’t dilute your idealism. Don’t be seduced by artifice. Trust your intuition and your instincts.
And, listen: if you want to know how things are going to turn out in the future, take a moment to reflect on how things are going for you now.

This isn’t to do with outward success or change, such as professional qualifications. It’s to do with your inner direction.

So here’s some (unasked for) suggestions!

Become interested in moving away from meeting expectations. Question the degree to which you are living the life you love, or one that has been designed for you by (well meaning) parents, or your social group.

Become interested in moving away from facades. It isn’t easy to shift from the crowd, from your clique, but when you do, you will experience a closer, richer definition of who you are.

Become interested in moving away from pleasing others. So often that’s how we defined ourselves, pleasing parents, teachers, employers and soon, rather than defining ourselves by what we feel, in our heart’s core, to be authentic.

Begin tackling this now, and you will have a lifetime’s satisfaction, in spite of life’s turbulence, ahead of you.

Above all, why not become interested in moving away from “shoulds” “oughts” and “musts”.

When you start “moving away” you are – using the analogy of the river – moving away from the river bank, the shallows, the rocks, into the faster, deeper water, which can carry you further and faster to where you want to go.

You have the opportunity, now, to become the person you really are: someone who can love, and who will be loved. And when you look back on this stage of your river, you’ll realise that it started here, and that the journey was worth it.

About the Author:

James Gladwin is a successful online entrepreneur and brand extension expert. He also writes on other topics that strike him as interesting. You can find his blog at

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