Alex Loyd is an influential psychologist, doctor and businessman who continued to attract much worldwide attention because of his discovery of The Healing Codes. Said to have started from his desire to help his wife cope with clinical depression, the Healing Codes is a serendipitous discovery. Alex Lloyd was on a plane to see a psychologist who he thought could help his wife when a sudden realization occurred to him. His realizations in that momentous plane ride can now be read in his book The Healing Codes.

He was interviewed and featured live on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and PBS and among reputable papers like USA Today, People and Time magazine due to high public demand for his wonderful book that could be the ultimate elixir of various spiritual, emotional, physical and health illnesses.

Despite his busy schedule spent on lectures, interviews and counseling with different individuals, he leads a happy, normal life with his wife Hope and sons Harry and George in Leipers Fork, Tennessee.

Tammy Lawman: Dr. Loyd, tell us exactly what The Healing Codes are.

Alex Loyd: If I can, I would be happy to answer that question. Let me lay a little foundation first. For the last 50 years, Tammy, we have been told in the United States and all over the world, that if you fix one or more of five things that you can have the life, health, and relationships that you want, and you can make more money and be successful. People have sold us programs, products, pills, and potions in order to do that.

That would be okay if it worked. The problem is that so many people 10 or 20 years later, having spent thousands of dollars and the time that they can’t get back, have never achieved that life, health, or financial income they’re capable of, or whatever they were seeking. I believe it is because those five things don’t have the power to produce that in your life. The reason they don’t is because all five of them are symptoms, not sources.

If you want to get those kinds of dramatic changes in your life, you’d better be dealing with sources, not symptoms. That is what I’ve talked about on NBC, ABC, and PBS. It’s a hot topic in the world today because people are fed up with spending money and not getting results. They’re also fed up with not having the life that they want. If you have a pencil, here are the five things that we’ve been purchasing for the last 50 years and not getting the results.

By the way, I don’t want anybody to trust me as far as, Trust me. This is true. I will share this later. This is research from Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Vanderbilt, the Mayo Clinic, and the United States government’s Center for Disease Control. They finally got this right. Here are the five things. I’m sharing these so you can know if the thing that you’re doing is working on a source or a symptom.

Here are the five things that work on symptoms that we’ve been told for many years will fix the source, but they don’t:

1. The physiology of your body. That is a huge category all by itself.

2. Your negative emotions.

3. Your negative thinking patterns, which are negative, self-defeating thoughts.

4. Your conscious beliefs.

5. Your actions and behaviors.

That’s five. They are the physiology of your body, negative emotions, negative thinking patterns, conscious beliefs, and actions and behaviors. We can go to the public library in whatever city you are listening to this or to the largest book store in your city, and we would find rows and rows of bestselling books telling you to fix these things and you’ll have the life that you want.

We can go to seminars like this one that you’re listening to being held all over the world this week and saying the same thing: Fix one or more of these five things, and you can have the life you want. We have the thing that will fix it for you. The problem is that they are symptoms, not sources, according to the best research on the planet. We will share that in a few minutes.

If you really want to have better health, to heal those issues, and to make the kind of income you’re capable of or be successful, however you define that, or if you want wonderful, great, intimate relationships, you have to do something else. You have to fix the source. Before I get off of this, I’m all for something that makes your negative emotions better really fast or that helps you with your thinking patterns or conscious beliefs or the physiology of your body.

Alex Loyd’s discovery reaffirms the immortal principle of healing the individual’s core to achieve wellness and success. The Healing Codes should help us discern the sources and symptoms of our problems as well as dreams and see a clearer picture of our mission in this world. Have you looked within yourself today and discern these sources and symptoms?

Have Alex Loyd’s words enlightened you?

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