Relationships become more familiar over time, and you may not be serenaded, wined and dined in the same way you were in the beginning. On the other hand, sometimes relationship complacency sets in, which isn’t a good thing. Here are five signs that he may be taking you for granted.

When you first met, he sent you flowers at work and serenaded you with your favorite love song in a voice that was only slightly off-key. Now there are no more roses, and he seems more distant and aloof. It’s natural for the “giddiness” of a new relationship to settle into a more comfortable pattern as the two of you learn more about each other, but too much complacency could spell relationship trouble. Is he taking you for granted? Here are five signs there could be trouble in paradise.

He Misses Your Birthday or Anniversary

It’s possible that your guy is so busy at work that “the big day” completely slips his mind, but if it becomes a regular pattern, it’s a sign he’s a little too comfortable and may be taking your relationship for granted.

He Stops Caring about His Appearance around You

Don’t assume he’s taking you for granted if he doesn’t dress up in an Armani suit to take you to dinner. But if he wears an old, ripped t-shirt, doesn’t bathe or brush his hair when he goes out with you, it could be a sign he’s giving your “date” a low priority. Subtract extra points if he puts on an Armani suit and tie when he’s going out solo or with his friends.

He Stops Noticing Your Appearance

After months or years as a couple, it’s unlikely your guy is going to tell you how “hot” you look every time you change your hair or put on a new outfit. But if you slip on high heels and a slinky dress with a slit up to “there” and it doesn’t draw his eyes away from the television set, you have a problem. Chances are he’s looking right through you without really seeing you or not looking your way at all, a sure sign he’s taking you for granted.

He’s Taking You for Granted if He Never Lifts a Finger to Help Out

Maybe your man has a tough job that keeps him from being a handyman around the house, but if he consistently depends on you to clean up after him, pay the bills, prepare the meals and do the grocery shopping without ever lifting a finger, it should raise some red flags. He’s either mistaken you for a maid, a reincarnation of his mom or he’s taking you for granted. Either way, it’s not the ideal scenario, and chances are the situation won’t improve if you ignore it.

He Prefers a Night Out with His Buddies to an Evening with You

Most guys need an occasional night with their buddies, but if he cancels dinner with you to go with the guys to Hooters, it’s not a sign of a healthy relationship. Especially if he combs his hair, shaves and puts on a clean shirt for the first time in months to do it. Give him space, but if he consistently can’t find time for you, head for greener pastures.

The Bottom Line?

Relationships become more familiar and comfortable over time, but if you feel like he’s fallen asleep at the wheel and no longer sees you, it’s time to take action. Recognize the signs you’re being taken for granted – before you lose your self-respect.

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