Conflict and Chaos, Joy and Fear…Does the world seem unstable to you? Yet, even with the chaotic events in our economy and political scene, even with uncertain financial security, there is emerging an increased human capacity to cultivate true Peace. Let’s explore!

First try this: take a deep breath right now and let it out with a loud audible sigh. Bring your hand to your heart and take another deep breath; relax further. In the present moment, right now, is peace. Even if your mind was racing, taking two or three conscious breaths will stabilize your emotions and open the doorway to inner peace.

But what about our world? The terror attacks and weak economic structures can be very unsettling. News reports are filled with fear. Yet these very situations are a call to sanity…a call to awaken to a deeper truth. The chaos in our world is actually an evolutionary sign!

Ready or not, the world is waking from an ancient dream. Consciousness is expanding beyond traditional beliefs and structures. Our notions of power, integrity and co-creation are all evolving. Our world is indeed in transition. Polarity and unrest are increasing and time is speeding up. Chaos is the norm, for this transition is shaking the energetic foundation of all beings. The crescendo of 2012 is fast upon us.

As our bodies are trying to integrate higher frequency energy, many people are reporting vision changes, interrupted sleep patterns and impatience with in-authenticity. We are experiencing a “Global wake-up call” and that call is to a higher form of integrity. We are at the time of great choice, the time to fully embrace our Authentic Soul energy.

To benefit from the chaos means that we must release our attachments to worldly expectations, traditional beliefs and many mental patterns. This initially feels de-stabilizing until you open more fully to the energy of your Core Essence (Soul). That opening is most easily cultivated by bringing your hand to your heart and breathing deeply. This simple practice will connect your consciousness to your Soul. Yes, you can indeed find your center in the face of turmoil!

How can we properly prepare for what we cannot even imagine?

Instead of focusing on the chaos of these times, instead of feeding the mind on uncertainty, let’s use the chaos to remind us to claim our mastery! The outer world can never offer stability; however it can remind you to take your seeking inward! Then your Soul can better guide you. Each Being has all the wisdom they require, if they will but listen inwardly through their own heart centers. This listening cultivates self-trust and empowers Authenticity. This inner path is compatible with all spiritual beliefs and offers true blessings.

As we listen inwardly our guidance becomes ever more clear. As the mind lets the soul lead the way, new revelations and understandings come forward.

Everyone is feeling the energetic shift that is happening globally. The chaos and fear around us can flip to hope and denial and then back again! This outer chaos will likely escalate over the coming year. Yet, within this intensity many are aligning with their core essence for the first time; a great celebration!

Your core essence offers you the ability to feel things you have not ever felt before. You will touch things you have not ever touched before. How you break free and navigate these core feelings will be influenced by your habitual reactionary system. That is, to navigate these energies you must release the habit of the habit of pain-based beliefs!

The energy of these times will provoke inner healing for those who are ready to awaken. The opportunity is before us all to claim our authentic empowerment. The chaos of transformation is affecting all beings on this planet and many will notice shifts in their pets or other animals as well.

Remember there is nothing you can do to shift others. You cannot navigate for others! Each must find their own way and as you navigate authentically, your Presence will inspire Authenticity in others. It is that simple! Navigating the chaos is not difficult; it simply requires presence and self-trust.

How and where is your future to go? Are you open to trusting your inner wisdom? Then this year, instead of reading another self-help book or seeking advice from a so-called expert, why not journal for guidance?

Try this, bring your hand to your heart, breathe deeply and relax. Then pick up a pen and write across the top of the page: “What do I need to know at this time?” Relax your mind and jot down messages from your inner wisdom. Let the writing flow….just free-associate and from a semi-alert state of mind; write without judgment. Later, you can read what was written. Then as you interpret what was written, a deeper understanding will come forward.

You can also call forth your core essence each morning by declaring Thank You upon arising. The energy of gratitude will dissolve chaos into clarity. Start the day in thanks for it is truly a wondrous time to be alive. Enjoy the transformation!

About the Author:

2012 Visionaries, best selling Authors, and Radio personalities, Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa are the pioneers of the path of Self-Ascension and founders of The TOSA Center for Enlightened Living, Their Positive Action Celebration called 2012 Quantum Leap, premiers in Los Angeles March 13-25, 2009. Join George Noory, Jsu Garcia, uplifting musicians and many others at this event. Learn more at

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