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-G. Lynn

"You've done a great job. I'm going to love going to your new site and reading all the informative articles. Thank you for thinking of me. May God Bless all your endeavors, because like Zig Ziglar says, "you will get what you want when you help enough other people get what they want" and that is exactly what you are doing with this new site."
-B. Mendoza

"I have only gotten thru the first article with Mark Victor Hansen, what a powerful article. I can't begin to describe the passion I am feeling for my goal. To give you an example, I was reading the article and telling a friend about it while cooking dinner and I burned it. I'm sure the rest of the magazine is as good and will let you know when I finish. Thank you so much, that one article was what I needed right now!"
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-Sally J.
"Wow! How exciting! The articles were very informative, enlightening, life enhancing and indeed Spiritual, which I really enjoyed! Such great variety, abundance, and wisdom given in each article. "Healthy, Wealthy, nWise" magazine, certainly gets my vote. It is quite honestly my type of magazine! Each article was well written and captivating. It's quality is not questioned. Thank you, for the opportunity you've given me to be one of the first to experience it first hand, and free (for now). I will have no problem subscribing to this magazine, when the time comes. I am also a baby boomer and do plan to be included with that 50% that celebrates their 100th, healthy year of life!!!!!!!! Thank you again."
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