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How Zoning Law Might Affect Your Home Construction
By: Roby Hicks


In order to understand how zoning laws affect your home construction, you have to understand what zoning is first. Zoning is a regulation that states how a parcel of land should be utilized. This exists to protect the people currently occupying the area. This covers both residential and industrial facilities.

Importance of zoning:

Zoning is essential because it tells land buyers and owners what to build in a particular zone. This will prevent troubles to the current occupants of the property. This will also help maintain peace and quiet in the community.

As mentioned earlier, this will also protect current residents or business owners in the area. For instance, someone might want to build a factory in the middle of a residential area. Without zoning laws, that person can easily do it as he pleases. However, this will not be the case if there is a law prohibiting that person to build such factory.

This is also necessary to ensure the safety of the people occupying a certain location. For instance, a mall in a residential area would congest traffic in their neighborhood. This can be dangerous for the children living in that area. This could increase the risk of vehicular accident in the neighborhood.

How can zoning affect your dream home?

You have to observe due diligence when buying a home where you intend to build your dream home. Different zoning laws are applied on the different neighborhoods or districts. Some areas may only permit a single family home. So if you are planning to build a duplex, then look for another area that may permit that.

Other factors should be considered as well. For instance, you want to build your home as well as have a space for your business, then you should look for an area that allows residences and commercial buildings to be built. Several locations that allow this but they also come with limitation. You have to check those limitations as well to ensure that the area is suited for your planned property.

You should also familiarize the zoning laws when planning the type of house you are going to build. Some laws have limitations in terms of the size of the property. There are also instances wherein you will only be allowed to build a single storey home. This can be a major setback if you dreamed your home to have two floors.

Zoning laws serve as guide on how the property has to be utilized. This is essential to ensure that all occupants of the neighborhood or community is protected. The utilization of the land will have to be categorized whether it be used as commercial, industrial or residential. One has to consider the zoning laws when building their property because although such laws are protective, they can also be restrictive. Verify if your planned property to be built is allowed. What type of home are you going to have in the first place? Check the laws if your planned homes are allowed. Consider them before you purchase a lot there.

About the Author:

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