July 2004 Issue --> Success Article
The Vacuum Law of Prosperity
By: Randy Gage


The universe cannot put good into your hand, until you let go ofwhat you are holding in it.
If you walk down the beach, you leave footprints in the sand.But give the wind and the waves a few minutes, and those trackswill be filled in. Just as vegetation will cover a field and anagenda expands to the time budgeted for a meeting.
Nature abhors a vacuum. And since the inherent nature of theuniverse is good, a vacuum will always be filled with good. Soone of the fastest ways to manifest prosperity in your life is tocreate vacuums.
One evening at the end of my prosperity class I was teaching, oneof the students walked up to me confused. She wanted to know howall "this prosperity stuff" could be working, since she hadrecently lost her job, and her boyfriend left her.
The interesting thing was that she had been complaining aboutthat job for months. Her pay was miniscule, and it seemed tooffer no room for advancement. And several times we haddiscussed her boyfriend, who had been both physically andverbally abusive to her.
So actually, as I told her, she was quite likely on a verypositive path towards prosperity. Which is exactly how it turnedout for her.
As her consciousness developed, her job could no longer hold her,and her boyfriend was no longer comfortable with her. Ultimatelyshe was able to get a much better job, and attract a man whoappreciated her and wouldn't abuse her.
If you are holding on to something negative, there is no room forthe positive to come into your life. So when people come to mefor advice because they are not manifesting prosperity in allareas of their lives, the first question I ask is the one below:
What are you still holding on to-that you need to release?
This vacuum effect works in all areas of your life. When I amfeeling distracted and overwhelmed with work, one look around mydesk and office explains everything. Stuff piled aroundeverywhere. My environment is cluttered and disorganized, so Ifeel cluttered and disorganized.
So I stop what I am doing and start sorting. I put everything inpiles on the floor, according to project. Then I put eachproject into its own folder. Then I write a to-do list, with allthe important things that need to be done for each project. ThenI put the files in the cabinet or active file tray on my desk.
Even if I have 40 things on my list, I immediately relax, andapproach the tasks at hand with clarity and focus. I prioritizethe list, and take great joy for each item I cross off as Ifinish. This creates a positive energy around everything I'mdoing, and before I know it, I'm done with everything I need todo.
In my case, I work better when I have inner peace and focus. SoI have to release all the distractions, and create a vacuum forpeace of mind. If I feel there is just too much going on in mylife, I'll clean out my junk drawer or closets. When you aresurrounded by open, organized space, you feel more expansion,creative and in control.
This same principle applies in attracting all areas of prosperityin your life. If you want some new shoes, give some of the onesyou have away. If you want some new clothes, clean out yourcloset (create a vacuum) and donate some old clothes at thehomeless shelter.
Want some more hugs in your life? Want more love in your life?Give some away!
Of course this same law applies to health. I had a lot of healthchallenges the first 30 years of my life. Just like I had a lotof financial challenges, and other personal issues. The bottomline is that I was sick, broke and stupid!
And I couldn't understand why. I came to discover that inactuality, I was manifesting all the lack in my life, because Ihad a victim consciousness. I was holding on to lack, because itallowed me to keep manifesting bad things . . . which allowed meto feed my noble victim scenario.
I could hang around with all my loser friends each day, and wecould all commiserate about how hard it was to get ahead, howrich people had all the opportunities, how unfair life was, andother such nonsense.
I was holding on to being a victim . . . so there was no space inmy mind for me to become a victor.
Once I was able to let go of my victim-hood, a whole new world ofpossibilities opened up for me. Health challenges that I hadcarried around my whole life just cleared up, at the snap of myfingers.
Don't get me wrong. The health challenges were real, and I hadall kinds of medical records to prove it. But they were realbecause I believed they were real, and because I needed them, tohold on to being a victim. Once I no longer desired to be avictim, they miraculously were cured.
Because I no longer needed them to define who I was, my bodysimply released them. And regenerated healthy tissue.
Now it takes a certain amount of faith to practice this law. Youhave to be willing to let go of things. Once you realize thatthe universe is inherently good, it's easier to have faith injust outcomes. You no longer fear releasing things, because youknow that they will be replaced with something of equal or evengreater value.
You are surrounded by good everywhere. The only lack, is thelack in your mind. Open your mind to receive prosperity, createa vacuum to hold it, and you will attract it.
* Chapter excerpt from "The 7 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity" byRandy Gage. Get the book today!

For over 15 years now, Randy Gage has been helping peopletransform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughsto achieve their dreams. Randy Gage is a modern day explorer inthe field of body-mind development and personal growth. He is theauthor of the best-selling albums, Dynamic Development andProsperity and director of BreakthroughU. For more resourcesand to subscribe to Randy's free ezine newsletters visitwww.prosperity-power-experience.info
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      The Vacuum Law of Prosperity by Randy Gage
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